ILBAGNOALESSI dOt is a perfectly balanced collection of objects that do not distract attention away from the bathroom’s actual purpose: the cleansing of body and soul. “All the objects are primarily devoted to relaxation“, the Dutch architect and designer, Wiel Arets describes the design principle of the bathroom that, like its soulmate, ILBAGNOALESSI One was created in close cooperation with the Italian design company, Alessi.

"In drawing up the design, Arets paid particular attention to ensuring that the individual objects did not distract from the real purpose of the bathroom – to cleanse the body and spirit. Wiel Arets: ""The ensemble as a whole is based on the strengths of its individual parts. Each must fulfil its purpose without becoming overly dominant. All objects must, in all respects, serve the purpose of relaxation. The design of the forms is very low key yet consistent for all objects which means they project an overall impression of peace and tranquillity. On closer inspection, it can also be seen that their form perfectly follows their function.» Formal and minimalistic: this is the impression created by the elements of ILBAGNOALESSI dOt."


“In designing the ILBAGNOALESSI dOt collection particular attention was devoted to assuring that the individual elements did not distract from the original intention of cleansing the body … The composition of the whole is based on the individual strength of its parts. Each of these has to fulfil its purpose without being dominant in the process. All objects should serve relaxation in every detail. The formal composition is very subtle and is the same for every object, so that the object is what is noticed first. It is only on taking a second look that you notice how perfectly adapted the objects are to their use."

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