Laufen Clean Coat: Protective shield for bathroom ceramics.
Cleanliness and hygiene are major influences on how good we feel about a bathroom and what impression it leaves on visitors, and it applies to private bathrooms and public conveniences alike. Particularly in the bathroom unsightly rings of dirt, smears and limescale deposits are quickly noticed – a taboo for all users. It is also a cost factor wherever time-consuming efforts are required on the part of cleaning staff. As a solution to these situations, Laufen offers its innovative dirt-repellent surface finish, Laufen Clean Coat (LCC) for its ceramics, that was awarded the iF Material Design Award 2012 for its innovative functions.

LCC was developed by Laufen in the course of intensive research. It is applied to the ceramic in a highly sophisticated process and then fused with it in a second firing to afford optimum protection against wear and tear. Thanks to the special qualities of the natural mineral material, even the tiniest pores in the ceramic glazing are perfectly sealed. The surface roughness value of LCC is far below 0.01 µm. The innovative ceramic finish is thus almost twice as smooth as conventional coatings. Particles of dirt, limescale, grease and bacteria have virtually no chance on these exceptionally smooth surfaces and can be rinsed off with water much more easily. In contrast to the so-called lotus effect, self-cleaning already starts here with the water adhering and flowing over the surface instead of beading off it to no effect. This is also good news for the environment as fewer cleaning agents are required overall.

These hydrophilic qualities of LCC also ensure that any cleaning agent is better distributed over surfaces and is more effective. Even aggressive cleaning agents cannot do any harm to the exceptionally hard and durable surface. As a fired glazing, LCC is resistant to practically all chemical substances. Its use is therefore particularly recommended in the facilities sector, for instance in busy washroom facilities at airports, in schools, hospitals and hotels. Hygiene and cleanliness are a must in these sectors, while cleaning and maintenance costs have to be minimised as far as possible.

Another bonus offered by LCC is its ability to preserve the natural beauty and brilliant whiteness of the ceramic for many years to come – it looks fresher and brighter. As a result, LCC ensures enduring value even for bathroom ceramics exposed to a high level of wear and tear. This gives architects and facility providers additional investment security and, at the same time is an environmental aspect – for the longer a product's life cycle, the longer it is used. Ceramics finished with LCC can of course be easily recycled as it is composed entirely of natural materials.



LCC Brochure (.pdf)