Award-winning design: Antero urinal receives red dot product design award 2012:

In the bathroom industry urinals are often treated as poor relations and yet not having this convenient device in public sanitary facilities is unthinkable. With Antero, which has just received the Red Dot Award 2012 for innovative and ingenious product design, the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen demonstrates that designers should not be shy of making an impact with their urinals.

Even though the urinal was raised to the level of an art object by Marcel Duchamp as early as 1917, its very essence means that it is seldom seen as a collector’s item. Laufen, however, was not prepared to accept the low-profile existence of this convenient device and commissioned the designer Toan Nguyen (Toan Nguyen Studio, Milan) to create a urinal with a unique look. The design created by the form specialist is a large, rectangular surface in ceramic with the bowl rising organically out of it. If Antero is installed in a row – preferably in conjunction with the matching Cinto urinal division, an architectural scenario is created that fits perfectly with the geometry of the space. The large-format base plate, however, also has a practical purpose: in renovated facilities it completely covers all trace of its predecessors, whilst at the same time fitting on all standard connections. Furthermore, Antero has a needs-based, smart control system which, thanks to clever geometry and the latest electronics, flushes both thoroughly and economically.

This overall concept of architecture-friendly, innovative design and ingenious functions is what also impressed the panel of judges for the Red Dot Design Awards. The prestigious jury of 30 design experts gave Antero the Red Dot Award 2012 in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Award is presented annually and distinguishes outstanding achievements in product design. The 2012 prize winners were selected from 4,515 products from 58 countries.

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