Article-No.: H4909501040001

Towel holder for furniture, 270 mm

270 x 60 x 15 mm (length, width, height)
F000 - standard option



Towel rail, chrom-plated metal, 270 mm, suitable for: case for living square 401141/2, living square 405301/2, 405333, case for living style 470903, 470913, 470933, 470943, case for palace 401101/2, 40125/2, 401301/2, 401351/2, 401353/4, 401401/2, LAUFEN pro S 483021/2, 483031/2, case plus 476962, 475951, 470671, 471671, 472671, case for living city 401111/2


Modern bathrooms are dedicated to recreation and relaxation. A tranquil atmosphere and feeling of calm are only possible if a sense of order is created and streamlined and simple structures are revealed. In this, consistently designed bathroom furniture like case and case plus are vital: Thanks to its streamlined, compact design, “case plus” will match virtually any setting, conveying a feeling of tranquillity and calm. Furthermore, the versatile furniture matches several LAUFEN washbasin series.