Design of the human touch: this is the creed of Vetica, the design hotbed based in Lucerne, Taipeh, Hamburg and Hong kong. The members of this interdisciplinary, international team surrounding Swiss designer Peter Wirz see through the development processes of industrial products in their form and function and regard themselves as idea smiths – not only in matters of design, which is seen as an interdisciplinary process in a wider context.  

Peter Wirz studied mechanical engineering and was born in 1960 in Brienz, Switzerland. Before turning to industrial design he was a successful top-class athlete, twice taking part in the Olympic Games and becoming European champion at middle-distance running in 1984. Since 1997 he has been dealing with customers from Switzerland, Europe and overseas at Vetica. The company’s field of work ranges from medical technology through consumer products, sport and lifestyle, engineering, computer user interfaces to interior design. 

Since 2001 Vetica has developed several product lines for LAUFEN, the most recent being the international hit, LAUFEN pro. In line with its philosophy, this design hotbed was in close contact with the development team at Laufen Bathrooms during the development of “LAUFEN pro” in order to ensure that production costs were optimised whilst achieving a high-quality look. Peter Wirz: “Laufen pro is a design product that has been purposely created to be good value and which has been optimised for the ceramics manufacturing process.”