Laufen presents panel discussion during the Art Week Miami with "Impressões of a Change"

Celebrating SaphirKeramik at the Art Week Miami 2015 with a new exhibition, “Impressões 2015 – Brazil: verse and reverse” in our Miami showroom - followed by an exclusive discussion panel “Impressões of a Change” with renown speakers and a VIP cocktail party hosted at Miami Ironside.

Design Week Miami brings together Art Basel, one of the most important contemporary arts fairs in the world and Design Miami, the world forum for design. This year, LAUFEN joined 267 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa who came together to show significant work from the masters of Modern and Contemporary art.

During Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami, VIP guests and cardholders were invited to the exclusive multidisciplinary discussion panel “Impressões of a Change” – how the design and art community sees itself challenged by Brazil’s economic situation.”

The panel discussion explored what the challenging situation in Brazil means to the design and art community. Under the moderation of Mara Sartore, Editor-in-Chief My Art Guides, Jader Almeida – Designer & Architect, Patricia Anastassiadis – owner and architect of Anastassiadis Arquitetos, Lauro Andrade Filho – Show Director Expo Revestir and promotor of DW! SAO PAULO DESIGN WEEKEND, Antonio Ferreira Junior – architect and interior designer of AMC projetos e decoração ltda and Marc Viardot – Director Marketing and Products Laufen they explored together how things could change for the creative world and how the creative world changes things.

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Taking the title of the exhibition further Laufen’s Miami Ironside Showroom showed from December 3rd to December 5th the preview of “Impressões 2015 – Brazil: verse and reverse”, a new installation exploring the concept of Brazilianness.

“Impressões 2015 – Brazil: verse and reverse”

The Impressões by LAUFEN project brought together innovations in design as well as function, with the SaphirKeramik washbasin becoming a work of art that honoured Brazil and its culture. Taking the LAUFEN washbasin as a blank canvas, guest artists were given free rein to create their own aspirational designs. The project allowed the ten designers and architects to present their interpretations of the theme “Brazil Up Close” as exclusive pieces for LAUFEN.

With the theme “Brazil: verse and reverse”, Impressões by LAUFEN 2015 used the creative vision of renowned design professionals to explore the concept of ‘Brazilianness’. Each of the ten professionals was invited to take a personal approach to exploring the concept of Brazil. The theme challenged the designers to take a unique look at Brazil in order to translate the essence of the country’s culture, with all its various forms of expression.

Impressões was launched at the “2016 News event”, which took place on September 17th, 2015 at the Bienal Pavillion in São Paulo.

The round 380 mm SaphirKeramik washbasin, a blank canvas, gave a free creative territory for Antonio Ferreira Jr. and Mário Celso Bernardes, Arthur Casas, Christian Cravo, Derlon Almeida, Jader Almeida, João Armentano, Marko Brajovic, Patricia Anastassiadis, Ricardo Bello Dias and Ronaldo Fraga.

The pieces, produced in limited series in Switzerland, will be sold throughout Brazil for charitable purposes selected by the artists.

Remembering legendary Marcel Duchamp's boldness, who brought everyday objects to the field of arts, "Impressões by Laufen" proposes its own boldness: transforming the minimalist elegance of the Living SaphirKeramik washbasin bowl into an object of desire that goes beyond the French artist's 'finished art', and reveals, through the intervention inspired by great Brazilian talents, a contrasting, complex, plural side of Brazil.

It is an important occasion to reflect on that complex process that transforms an ordinary object, sometimes even common, into a piece of art trying to discover which are the elements that define the fine line between the two. LAUFEN has always had a special interest for arts and other disciplines, being directly involved in the sponsorship of exhibitions and workshops with artists with the firm conviction that art is an inspiring model for industry – an opportunity to see the world with different eyes.

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