No ordinary skyscraper – 56 Leonard Street, NYC

LAUFEN custom bath products are featured at New York City’s 56 Leonard, a luxury condominium project described as a “cascade of modernist villas” located in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighbourhood. 
Created by the Swiss design firm Herzog & de Meuron, this 60 story building, due for completion in 2016, is outfitted with custom LAUFEN bath products throughout, each space designed to create one-of-a-kind bathroom suites that are as luxurious and opulent as they are unique. 
“It is an honour and a privilege to partner with the design teams behind this important project” says Javier Korneluk, U.S. Managing Director of LAUFEN. “As LAUFEN continues to grow its presence in North America, we look forward to continuing to align our brand with even more innovative residential, mixed-use and hospitality projects. LAUFEN has a long history of partnering with the most innovative and esteemed commercial project developers in Europe, and we’re thrilled to continue this tradition as we expand our footprint here in North America,” says Korneluk. He goes on to state that the growing demand for LAUFEN’s highly stylised and luxurious products in hospitality and mixed-use projects symbolizes a significant shift in American design trends.  
“Bathrooms should be luxurious and comfortable for guests and residents, but at the same time, the products outfitted in these spaces need to be practical, have a friendly price point, and be easy to clean and maintain. By specifying LAUFEN products for these bathroom projects, we feel confident that the end-user of these spaces will feel indulged and delighted with their bathrooms.” 
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