CLUBOVKA: I am thinking - sponsored by LAUFEN - will be presented during the Milan Design Week 2016 at the Kartell by Laufen monobrand store in Milan.

The book, which is representing a kind of postcard of the future, is designed as an anthology of 36 short essays by recognised architects and designers, among them big names like Ron Arad, Roberto Palomba, Karim Rashid, Jaime Hayon, Boøek Šípek and many others, who were the main leaders in events of “Clubovka”.

The message of Clubovka is not just about flash experience from remarkable lectures and contact with star-architects or star-designers that are well-known from New York to Tokyo. The most of all, Clubovka is the mediation of cardinal ideas and for the permanent capture is the best and the most honourable medium the classical form of paper book.

What topics employ their minds what are their professional as well as human visions, what motivates them, what they consider most important in their lives, how they feel about their profession? The book is filled with valuable reflections and insights of the authors who fundamentally interfere with events in architecture and design, but at the same time have also the unmistakable human dimension. The publication will remind us the history of Clubovka and it will mainly stimulate thinking on the issues of the current global architectural and design work.

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