Kartell by Laufen Milan flagship store in an original Seventies revival

For Design Week 2019 in Milan, Kartell by Laufen updates the displays at its flagship store on Via Pontaccio in Brera. Drawing inspiration from the Seventies, the new displays feature colour combinations that were much in vogue in those years, which are now making a comeback in the world of fashion and design. Walls take on hues of bright green and pale rose, triggering interesting contrasts or harmonies with the ceramic pieces and the multi-coloured accessories. The atmosphere makes reference to a time of lively cultural ferment, of vivid, cheerful colours, while stepping back from the exaggerations of the past, avoiding the most jarring chromatic effects.
The basis of the Kartell by Laufen project is to represent everyday life with luminous colours and moods, through a fresh, original expressive language of strong emotional impact combined with exceptional functional quality. Visitors can grasp all the key words of the brand in this concept: quality, innovation, versatility, design, essentiality, colour, transparency...


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