World Interiors Day at Centre Le Corbusier/Heidi Weber Museum


Hundreds of visitors came to the WID World Interiors Day 2015 the Centre Le Corbusier / Heidi Weber Museum in Zurich supported by Laufen. For the third time the VSI.ASAI (The Swiss Association of Interior Designers and Architects) organized WID - World Interiors Day.



Around 300 guests and professionals from the fireld of architecture and design enjoyed the atmosphere of an afternoon at the pavilion by the lake and taking part in organised tours as part of the World Interiors Day celebrations. Guests strolled with or without a guide through the house or viewed the fascinating documentary film by Fredi M. Murer and Jürg Gasser about the creation of the pavilion, afterwards meeting on the terrace and at the bar for discussions with friends old and new.



The WID World Interiors Day takes place each year in late May, this year with the theme 'Design for All', and serves to promote the professional interior design. This year theVSI.ASAI. decided to celebrate at the Centre Le Corbusier/ Heidi Weber Pavilion which first opened in 1967, and was designed by Le Corbusier, in fact it was his last work which marked a radical change from his signature use of concrete and stone to a structure framed in steel and glass, which was implemented faithfully by the interior designer Heidi Weber. He is considered a treasure of the great Swiss architecture movement of the 20th century.



Highlight of the event was the honouring of Heidi Weber by VSI.ASAI board member Claudia Boehm, who highlighted the great services of the interior designer and philanthropist Heidi Weber. She was not only an interior designer and gallery owner, fascinated by the furniture of Le Corbusier, but also a producer of his furniture, without which no business lobby today, no contemporary décor, would be conceivable. So it was only right that the General Assembly VSI.ASAI. honoured Mrs. Heidi Weber for her services in interior design and her life's work.



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