ISH 2015: Laufen shows bathroom collections made of SaphirKeramik by Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen

ISH Frankfurt
10-14 March 2015

With confidence earned from increasing international approval, as well as holding the world exclusive on the special and high-quality material, SaphirKeramik, Laufen is full of energy and new products and ready to open wide the doors at ISH 2015 Frankfurt. 

Laufen returns to ISH - the world’s biggest showcase for innovative bathroom design to exhibit its new projects, to show the direction of its technological and formal research and to demonstrate its capability in terms of production on an industrial scale.

One factor that has contributed to laying the foundations for the quality of Laufen is its production: this is structured around various European sites only, located in Switzerland, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, abounding in tradition but also ultra-modern, which boast a consolidated situation in relation to each of its national markets.

Laufen’s success resides in the continuity and solidity of its values, firmly planted within its DNA, and constant guidelines within which its procedures and decisions flow. Laufen strives for innovation whilst always aiming ambitiously at pursuing the best results, in the technological, functional and formal field. This has enabled the company to grow over the years with an increasingly tangible force, the force of a leader.

To testify to this, Laufen has achieved countless successes, which have gone on to become fundamental contributions to the bathroom sector, such as the invention in 1980 of the most efficient high-pressure injection moulding technology for ceramic production, a genuine sustainable change in industrial production, or such as the introduction of wall-mounted WCs and floorstanding washbasins, an avant-garde step forward aesthetics in the bathroom of today, or such as the most recent perfecting of the precious and innovative SaphirKeramik, with its unprecedented design and environmental possibilities.

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The innovations produced

SaphirKeramik, launched for the first time two years ago at BAU in Munich and subsequently at ISH 2013 in Frankfurt, remains the spearhead for Laufen: exceptional ceramic material, possessing extraordinary hardness and sturdiness, significant flexural strength comparable to that of steel, much thinner than traditional ceramics, and a diamond white colour. This is a high-tech material that has enabled Laufen to begin a new generation of washbasins, with very graphic, minimalist, modern shapes, without abandoning the positive characteristics of ceramics.

Created as a concept, an exploration of the possibilities offered by the material, the concept studies based on SaphirKeramik done by Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen are today a reality: the products conceived are no longer conceptual products, but concrete objects that have become part of Laufen production, ready to furnish bathrooms the world over, thanks to the extensive possibilities of the new material.

A major capacity for innovation, a vocation for experimentation and creativity: it is from this that the innovative formula invented by Laufen came about and from this comes the constant commitment to the development of high-quality design products.

Developed from the eclectic proposals in 2014, Grcic returns to crafting SaphirKeramik by designing VAL, a new series of washbasins and bathtub.
Today the VAL collection becomes available on the market in numerous pieces. Complementing the first iconic two washbasins and trays, he has designed a new type of washbasin for the collection with a simpler form, the result of research focused, this time, on the most intimate and familiar perception of the object in itself and its functionality.
He proposes pure, simple lines and ultra-thin profiles, in a perfect equilibrium of proportions and volumes. All the curves seem to have the same radius of flexion and give the sensation of extreme harmony and continuity. Also designed in a circular version, Laufen is exhibiting at ISH the rectangular version, available in various dimensions, from 55 to the 95cm in width.

The Parisian designer on the one hand is carrying forward his experimentation with SaphirKeramik, on the other is creating a bathtub made of Sentec, and closes the circle by designing an amazing line of furniture, the result of the same inspiring principle.
Continuing the path of collaboration already begun in 2011 and having won a Red Dot Award, Laufen decided without hesitation to focus on Toan Nguyen and in raising the stakes, entrusting parts of the new proposals for 2015 to him.
After the great success achieved in recent months, the INO series is enhanced with two new countertop washbasins and a half-inserted washbasin, as well as a freestanding bathtub in two different versions.
These are projects aiming to explore the almost boundless possibilities of working with SaphirKeramik, to exploit its thinness and lightness and to seek an elegant and simple aesthetic.

Completing the INO bathroom series is a new collection of furniture created by the same designer. Observing nature, in particular the shell, which gains strength, structure and rigidity from its concave form, Toan Nguyen has found the inspiration at the basis of the futuristic design of the door: no longer a flat, two-dimensional element, but now an object that acquires three-dimensional corporality, enveloping the base and delineating a round C-shape. 

The already substantial and versatile Kartell by Laufen collection is enriched this year with new sizes for the washbasins made of SaphirKeramik, conceived specifically to satisfy the requirements of small spaces and a wall-mounted rimless WC. New moods will also be presented: after the shades of black and gold, the protagonists now are red and natural wood, conceived to cater for a Nordic, minimal taste. A “nomadic” and versatile collection, it is characterised by the opportunity to combine the pieces that comprise it with other Laufen products, whether furniture items, ceramics or accessories, therefore offering the possibility to create a personalised bathroom to meet your individual needs.

A milestone in the evolution of bathroom design, IlBagnoAlessi One by Stefano Giovannoni is a complete and long-lasting collection that from its birth has met with great success, becoming one of Laufen’s bestsellers. Characterised by a classical, timeless design, it is has been embellished over the years by new elements, including the new accessories in the innovative material SaphirKeramik; the clothes hooks, the towel rails and the toilet roll holder. Continuing the dialogue between ceramics and wood, and between geometric and organic forms, it now proposes smaller pieces to meet the needs of those who have reduced spaces.

At ISH, Laufen also presents Boutique, a high level furniture design line, made using prestige materials and finishes. Created to satisfy the most demanding customers and designed to be versatile by being combined with any ceramics produced by Laufen, it is composed of units, open shelves and tall cabinets made entirely of wood, with great care devoted to the definition and construction of the details.
The real wood surface, which convinces not only in terms of function, but also aesthetically. 
The slim edges tapering down to four millimetres, the flush fronts and a push & pull closing system are offering an elegant, luxurious solution.,. All the internal panels and removable elements are covered with veneered wood with the same finish as the exteriors and are available in two finishes: lightand dark oak.

Functional and compact design is the essence of the new modular furniture system Space, capable of being configured in numerous combinations.
The collection has a number of different pieces: tall cabinets with mirror, drawer units, washbasintops and shelves trolleys The structure is light and modern with an aluminium frame, covered externally in laminated wood and available in. white matte, light walnut, or dark elm or other 38 colours on request.
The characteristic element of the drawers and the doors is a metal frame, made of light or dark aluminium, running around the profile and along the front to become a convenient, long handle.

The lightness and slimness of SaphirKeramik has been the source of inspiration for Atelier Oï, the Swiss studio that has designed the Laufen stand. Externally it appears with a uniform, only partially screening structure, which gently follows the boundaries of the exhibition space without ever becoming sharp-edged. This slim illusion is made with veiled fabric panels that propose, in relief, a modular alternation of curvilinear profiles, accentuated by powerful LED rear lighting. The interplay of lights and shades that results highlight these lines, which recall the softness of the design of the products made of SaphirKeramik.

The stand is structured on two levels: concentrated on the ground floor, with a surface area of around 300 m2, is the stage for the products, while the upper level has been designed to offer an impeccable reception to Laufen’s customers, with bar, restaurant, lounge area and meeting zone.
The central exhibition unit has great impact with its double height and suspended above is a node of visual and conceptual connection that sees emotional images of considerable dimensions inspired by the world of the bathroom flow across horizontally.


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