LAUFEN at the 100% Original Design exhibition in Rome
On the occasion of the 100% Original Design exhibition promoted by Elle Decor, which will be held at the MAXXI in Rome from 19 November 2014 to 5 January 2015, Laufen will be exhibiting a washbasin designed by Konstantin Grcic from his collection made of SaphirKeramik, a revolutionary new ceramic material that is unique anywhere in the world, invented by the Swiss company after years of study and research and currently in its patenting phase.

100% Original Design is the Roman stage for 2014 of Be Original, the project in defence of artistic design conceived and promoted since 2012 by Elle Decor Italia and aiming to safeguard creativity and originality and also to combat the infringement of industrial design patents in Italy and worldwide. The exhibition presents a selection of iconic pieces that highlight creativity in design: a small summary of a huge patrimony made of things, ideas, women and men, which has entered our homes, the history books of design, company case histories and museums all over the world.

A leading company in bathroom design, Laufen has always combined great commitment in the development of high-quality products with its clear vocation for experimentation and its renown acquired worldwide for its great capacity for innovation. SaphirKeramik, the result of this constant creative endeavour, is able to reach performance levels of thinness, lightness and resistance that were unthinkable until now, maintaining the warmth and refinement that only ceramics know how to give, enabling Laufen to launch the challenge of its use involving the exceptional designer that is Konstantin Grcic, who has been able to test his abilities in experimenting with new forms and get to grips with a ceramic product that has allowed him the maximum expressive capacity: the beginning of a path and a new story that projects Laufen into the avant-garde of design associated with experimentation into new materials.

The product on display is part of a collection of washbasins that seem like jewels, characterised by a simple, essential, architectural style and defined by a series of functional details, such as the parts for the anti-drip support surfaces, which take on a highly decorative value. Rectangular and circular elements of various dimensions are part of this, rendered unique by the subtle interplay of subtraction of materials offered by the technology and embellished by the geometric rhythms selected for the surfaces.

No context could prove better than the 100% Original Design exhibition to enable Laufen to affirm and claim the paternity of SaphirKeramik, a material the originality, uniqueness and creativeness of which must be protected and safeguarded in every possible way.

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Visit LAUFEN at the MAXXI in Rome:
100% Original Design
19.11.2014 - 4.1.2015
MAXXI - National Museum of the Arts of the 21st Century
Via Guido Reni 4A
00196 Rome

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