Designjunction, 24-27 September 2015/London“The Gem Room”

24–27 September 2015 / London

Laufen Bathrooms presents the inspiration of SaphirKeramik:

“The Gem Room” – a conceptual cooperation between Laufen and Studio Appétit


“Impressões 2015 – Brazil: verse and reverse”  –
A creative vision of renowned design professionals to explore the concept of Brazilianness

Laufen, the Swiss bathroom manufacturer, celebrates SaphirKeramik, its latest revolutionary innovation, during the London Design Festival with two extraordinary and exclusive installations and a product display at Designjunction’s new venue.

Acclaimed by critics and public, Designjunction is one of the most important cultural and commercial events in the universe of contemporary design. Set this year within The College and the Victoria House, in the heart of London, it has now reached its fifth edition and will attract visitors from all over the world, professionals in the sector and enthusiasts. Designjunction confirms to be the perfect platform for Laufen to create an innovative and alternative installation to attract an international audience of architects, interior designers, retailers and influential press.

The two installations, “The Gem Room” and “Impressoes”, are both driven by the same philosophy and creed: the diversity of the creative minds has become an incentive to develop an experimental, stimulating programme in which different, independent disciplines coexist in order to stimulate an ever-changing, evolving intellectual process inspired by SaphirKeramik.

Laufen has always had a special interest for arts and other disciplines, being directly involved in the sponsorship of exhibitions and workshops with artists with the firm conviction that art is an inspiring model for industry – an opportunity to see the world with different eyes. A multidisciplinary approach, involving design and architecture, art and technology, anthropology and entertainment that will make it possible to portray new forms of expression, allowing all participants to interact with the visitors.

Included in the modular installation of “The Gem” will be “The SaphirKeramik Project”. Created as a concept, an exploration of the possibilities offered by the material, the concept studies based on SaphirKeramik done by Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen are today a reality: the products conceived are no longer conceptual products, but concrete objects that have become part of Laufen’s production, ready to furnish bathrooms the world over, thanks to the extensive possibilities of the new material.

A major capacity for innovation, a vocation for experimentation and creativity: it is from this, that the innovative formula invented by Laufen came about, and from this comes the constant commitment to the development of high-quality design products.

The “Gem Room”
The Gem Room is the sought-after hot spot in the entire London Design Festival. Celebrating refined design and exquisite taste, this unique destination, in the old jewellery workshop of the former Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, seems the most natural choice to present SaphirKeramik, the material which contains the derivatives of sapphires, using the medium of an unique and exclusive interactive eating experience created by Studio Appétit.
The Gem Room at Designjunction is an innovative combination of a multi-purpose space, with a modular installation, changing its purpose at different times of the day, from dynamic design space to an interactive, exclusive, invite only eating experience, exploring the intersection of beauty and refinement from precious gems to ceramic materials.
Studio Appétit will present, alongside this collaboration, it's highly anticipated new platform of Things of Edible Beauty and introduce the first products of the collection as part of their new installation with Laufen.

Things of Edible Beauty
Things of Edible Beauty is a new platform by Studio Appetit, which expands the boundaries of multidisciplinary design and perceptions. It explores the everyday aesthetics of food and its ornamental value, based on flavours, trend forecasting and development. It is a new embodiment of fashion, combining design objects, edible products, visuals and fragrances, timeless yet changing by the season.
Through a rich and luscious experiential world, innovative content and hyper aesthetic objects, it redefines the way we understand food and eating.
The first product collection for the platform was developed over the last year, setting aesthetic guidelines and a conceptual agenda. Alongside flavour research and conceptual product development such as edible perfume and make up, Studio Appetit initiated design collaborations in different fields. The result was a multitude of design objects that explore the aesthetics of food and the experience of eating through a joint but multi-layered lens.
All the objects – tableware, furniture & jewellery – serve in their own way as a method to present food: from changing the way you prepare food and the way you serve it, to exploring new ways of eating. Yet each object is unique and stands on its own. Combined, they build a visual and experiential world that redefines the fashion of eating.

“Impressões 2015 – Brazil: verse and reverse”
The Impressões by Laufen project brought together innovations in design as well as function, with the SaphirKeramik washbasin becoming a work of art that honoured Brazil and its culture.
Taking the Laufen washbasin as a blank canvas, guest artists were given free rein to create their own aspirational designs.
The project allowed the ten designers and architects to present their interpretations of the theme “Brazil Up Close” as exclusive pieces for Laufen. The end result was nothing short of inspirational in the first edition, nor is it in the second.

With the theme “Brazil: verse and reverse”, Impressões by Laufen 2015 used the creative vision of renowned design professionals to explore the concept of ‘Brazilianness’.
Each of the ten professionals was invited to take a personal approach to exploring the concept of Brazil.
The theme challenged the designers to take a unique look at Brazil in order to translate the essence of the country’s culture, with all its various forms of expression.

Impressões was launched at the “2016 News event”, which took place on September 17th, 2015 at the Bienal Pavillion in São Paulo and now at Designjunction in London.

The round 380 mm SaphirKeramik washbasin, a blank canvas, gave a free creative territory for
Antonio Ferreira Jr. and Mário Celso Bernardes, Arthur Casas, Christian Cravo, Derlon Almeida, Jader  Almeida, João Armentano, Marko Brajovic, Patricia Anastassiadis, Ricardo Bello Dias and Ronaldo Fraga.

The pieces, produced in limited series in Switzerland, will be sold throughout Brazil for charitable purposes selected by the artists.

Remembering legendary Marcel Duchamp's boldness, who brought everyday objects to the field of arts, "Impressões by Laufen" proposes its own boldness: transform the minimalist elegance of the Living SaphirKeramik washbasin bowl into an object of desire that goes beyond the French artist's 'finished art', and reveals, through the intervention inspired by great Brazilian talents, a contrasting, complex, plural side of Brazil.

It is an important occasion to reflect on that complex process that transforms an ordinary object, sometimes even common, into a piece of art trying to discover which are the elements that define the fine line between the two.

SaphirKeramik by Laufen
Revolutionising the use of ceramics, SaphirKeramik from Laufen is the very latest material innovation in the bathroom.
Changing the bathroom landscape from curves to the ability to create tight radii on pieces, fuller forms have given way to slim profiles on sanitaryware. Despite its slimmer form SaphirKeramik is a super-strong material that can be used to create on-trend minimal, architectural lines.

Val by Konstantin Grcic
Developed from the eclectic proposals in 2014, Grcic returns to crafting SaphirKeramik by designing Val, a new series of washbasins and a bathtub.
Today the Val collection becomes available on the market in numerous pieces. Complementing the first iconic two washbasins and trays, he has designed a new type of washbasin for the collection with a simpler form, the result of research focused, this time, on the most intimate and familiar perception of the object in itself and its functionality.
He proposes pure, simple lines and ultra-thin profiles, in a perfect equilibrium of proportions and volumes. All the curves seem to have the same radius of flexion and give the sensation of extreme harmony and continuity.

Ino by Toan Nguyen
The Parisian designer on the one hand is carrying forward his experimentation with SaphirKeramik, on the other is creating a bathtub made of Sentec, and closes the circle by designing an amazing line of furniture, the result of the same inspiring principle.
Continuing the path of collaboration already begun in 2011 and having won a Red Dot Award, Laufen decided without hesitation to focus on Toan Nguyen and in raising the stakes, entrusting parts of the new proposals for 2015 to him.
After the great success achieved in recent months, the Ino series is enhanced with two new countertop washbasins and a half-inserted washbasin, as well as a freestanding bathtub in two different versions.

These are projects aiming to explore the almost boundless possibilities of working with SaphirKeramik, to exploit its thinness and lightness and to seek an elegant and simple aesthetic.* * *

24-27 September 2015
The College, 12-42 Southampton Row,
WC1B 4AP London

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