Urinals that are set to revolutionise the upkeep and maintenance of public sanitary facilities: Up till now, urinals often had to be completely disassembled when replacing their siphons. Both lema and antero allow you to release the siphon easily using a special key and lift it out. In contrast to standard urinals, Those urinals are characterised by its excellent efficiency, as they require less cleaning effort and saves an incredible amount of water.

The siphon on the 1 litre urinal can be changed easily, quickly and economically:
1. Remove cover by hand.
2. Lift siphon up and out using special key.
3. Clean urinal and rinse pipes.
4. Insert the new siphon.
5. Replace sieve.

Both 1 litre urinals are available with an electronic control system (battery or 230 V power supply). If a user remains at least 8 seconds in front of the urinal, an infrared sensor detects this and the urinal flushes once the person leaves. If the urinal is not used, it flushes once automatically every 24 hours. The monitoring system is integrated into the urinal as is easy to maintain and vandal-proof.