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Time flies. It turns into history. What remains is knowledge. Experience. And the things we have created. Objects white in white document the essence of the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen; its reference points, beliefs, aspirations, values and milestones, translated from abstract to figurative, from handmade to digital fabrication in Vitreous China, Saphirkeramik, Coated Sand, LCC, Varia Resin and Plaster.

Artist and designers have created sculptures for all the areas which influence and help us grow: work, material, technology — and above all else the people, who with their energy, creativity, skills and know-how allow LAUFEN to continue to thrive.
The resulting exhibition, curated by Beda Acherman, displays a sculpture for each milestone by Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer, Flag, Stefano Giovannoni, Konstantin
Grcic, Alfredo Häberli, Toan Nguyen, Nissen Wentzlaff, Atelier oï, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Patricia Urquiola, Peter Wirz and Studio Achermann, produced through experimentation with new ceramic materials and techniques that point towards the future of our industry.
Time flies. But some of the things which are gone resonate well into the future. Sometimes for more than 125 years. These are MILESTONES.


we are
made of.


Swiss heart, global body. With our origins in the Laufental Valley, we manufacture exclusively in Central Europe. This has led to collaboration with partners, designers and clients from all over the world.


Laufen seeks to collaborate with designers who think in terms of ceramics. Or complement them by providing thought-provoking stimuli to help us to evolve.

the future.

The deeper the well of experience, the more can be drawn from it. This is how, time and again, new classics are created – and remain current in both aesthetic and technical terms.



SaphirKeramik enables us to create completely new forms. At Laufen, we are proud to develop pioneering materials and use tomorrow’s technology to manufacture our products.


Adopting a human approach to robotics is our top priority. Rather than letting jobs migrate elsewhere, we intend to save them at existing locations, thus combating brain drain.


Synthetics and porcelain?
Only those who remain open to the world can create the new. Cooperation with companies such as Kartell or Alessi is just one example of success stories that are made possible only thanks to open-minded attitudes. And extend far beyond the confines of a washbasin – to take living spaces by storm.


Everything begins with cleanliness. It is the start and the finish. Bathrooms have gone from an almost shameful, hidden, ideally space-saving, functional space to a room that is harmoniously integrated into the open floor plans of a living space.


Culture is the shape of our spiritual existence. Without culture, there is no life. The association of architecture, art and culture is a constant on which we build.


True teamwork is not a deal. It is a culture. No form follows function rule, no briefing and no order can confidently provide the grandeur that designs need if they are to become relevant for generations to come. What it takes is open-mindedness, and the courage to collectively explore new avenues until the goal is reached.


Our roots, our own earth, our closeness to our origins are the basis of our global perspective. Only those who know and tend their own roots can grow far. That is why we have the same name as the earth from which we have come. And of which we are made. We are Laufen. Through and through.