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Celebrating human engagement through the Laufen Project Awards 2021

In recognition of bathroom design in the commercial projects industry, the Laufen Project Awards have been devised to celebrate design, project management, quality and leadership in the delivery and installation of extensive projects around the world.

Whilst creating an eye-catching space for visitors, Laufen also measures success through the development of relationships with key stakeholders to successfully deliver ever more complex commercial design projects.

Invitation to enter what has become a sought-after prize, was issued by Antonio Linares, Senior Managing Director Laufen to all Laufen teams working on commercial projects. Entrants from 21 countries went on to be shortlisted to 10 finalists. These 10 finalists have then been discussed and reviewed by a board of well-known industry design experts who used their knowledge and experience to select their top 5 projects. During the Laufen World Meeting 2021 these 5 projects were presented to an audience of 400 who voted for the overall winner of the Laufen Projects Awards 2021.

The top 5 shortlisted by the judges were:

The Hourglass Building, Amsterdam
Netherlands Project Team

One&Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius
Export Project Team

Nobu Warsaw, Poland
Poland Project Team

“Diamond in the Desert” Stadium, Qatar
Global Project Team

Chagall Lounge Moscow Airport Business Lounge
Russia Project Team

Individuality with bespoke solutions at the Nobu Warsaw.

Public washrooms providing hygienic, automated urinals alongside ceramic dividers from Laufen.

Meticulous project management to facilitate unique designs for each of the 81 bathrooms at the Nobu Warsaw.

Announcing the winner, Ilker Hussein, Head of Commercial Projects for the Roca Group states “All the best practises are clearly enveloped in this project and we are very proud to announce the winner, Nobu Warsaw, Poland from the Poland Projects Team”

Having successfully accomplished MGallery Hotel in Wroclaw, investors Tacit Investment Polska and Interior Designers Medusa Group returned to Laufen for the Nobu Warsaw 5-star hotel, a V shaped 7 storey building encompassing the historic architecture of the existing Hotel Rialto whilst integrating a new building to create a classic, yet modern and minimalistic, Japanese inspired style.

Progressive and diligent product development ensued with colour samples and prototypes being produced during the design stage to ensure a seamless colour match between all the bathroom elements including the Bespoke washbasins, shower trays and even floor tiles. At this stage essential input was also gained from the operator to review the practical details of the different materials to identify any potential maintenance or safety issues. Bespoke elements were then complemented by the Laufen pro WC and RIVA Cleanet smart toilet, a given for a building inspired by Japanese culture.

Arch. Przemo Lukasik, Medusa Group states “Of course we are very satisfied with this co-operation. There has been a very good chance to work on something very individual and unique. Because of the large number of hotel rooms at Nobu hotel we could only successfully cooperate with such an experienced manufacturer”

The high expectations of the investor required serious collaboration between the team to refine the process to perfection, no easy task with washbasins and bathroom elements in unique sizes to optimise the space for each bathroom. It is only through the delivery of previous prestigious projects such as 56 Leonard Street (United States), Markthal Rotterdam (Netherlands), Elbphilharmonie (Germany) and Tate Modern Switch House Extension (United Kingdom) that designers and investors can start to build trust in their manufacturing partners.

On the announcement, Maciej Zuranski, Head of Projects Roca Polska stated “I’m so proud. There was really a lot of work, meetings, negotiations, big effort in Poland and around the world.” Marek Slabon, Sales Manager, Roca Polska added “This project was the perfect example of teamwork with the operational team at Laufen connected with all the key stakeholders including the owner, the investor, the interior designer, the architect, the general contractor and the hotel operator”

What stands out from all the nominees to the Laufen Project Awards 2021 has been the relationship with the stakeholders to enable the delivery of success not only visually but also in project management and the reliable quality of products. Laufen have been grateful to earn the support of well-known industry specialists who have given their time to join Laufen on the jury for the awards and include Cristina Laurijssen, Rosewood Hotel Group; James Lai, CallisonRTKL; Irina and Olga Sundukovy, Sundukovy Sisters and Antonio Linares who explored the projects in more detail in order to create a shortlist of 5 projects.

Cristina Laurijssen stated “The human approach to keeping in touch with people and putting people into contact is really much more far reaching than just trying to put products in, it’s a very human approach. People gain trust in you and make you one of the preferred brands.”

The jury also gave Laufen a unique insight into the needs of designers with the opportunity to walk through the projects in detail and to interrogate what is important to them. Although not the winning project, the “Diamond in the Desert” stadium received a special mention from the jury as one which clearly answered the brief of the team in Qatar by helping them achieve their sustainability goals through the provision of water saving products from Laufen, something which has rapidly become an essential design element for all the jury members.

Laufen will support the entry for the top 10 shortlisted projects to the prestigious International Property Awards 2021, which celebrates residential and commercial projects, with winners to be announced in November 2021.

The ability to listen and engage is something which clearly stands Laufen apart within the industry and recognition of both the prestigious design projects and the people who have enabled them through the Laufen Project Awards is clearly a reason to celebrate.