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Cleanet Navia

The quintessential shower toilet with focus on the essentials and no compromises in hygiene. Design by Peter Wirz.

Focused on the essentials with no compromises in the sphere of hygiene – Cleanet Navia is the quintessential shower toilet. A well thought-out operating concept, the focus on core functions, and its timeless design make it the ideal introduction to the world of integrated shower toilets. Simple yet with a wide spectrum, from thorough and gentle bodily hygiene to effective cleaning – Cleanet Navia is an integral component of everyday life.


Shower Toilet, wall-hung, rimless, washdown, incl. seat and cover removable with lowering system 820601

Shower Toilet, wall-hung, rimless, washdown, with lateral opening for water supply 19,5cm, incl. seat and cover removable with lowering system, incl. external cable routing for power connection 820601 opt. 717

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“The Cleanet Riva was designed with a vision of pure simplicity at the forefront of our work. Consumers do not want an electronic toilet that looks like a machine. That is why we have made the Riva as slim and as elegant as possible, in the ceramic unibody design of a classic toilet. We deliberately kept its innovative technology in the background. Only the intuitive stainless steel rotary button hints at the superior comfort and hygiene of the toilet. As designers, we know of no other shower toilet that combines both function and design for such a high level of hygiene. Cleanliness has been considered in every aspect of the design.”

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