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Connected to the collective memory

LUA is based on the familiar shapes; oval and rectangle, in balanced variations. Just one of the reasons why the new LUA collection is so versatile, flexible and relatable, another is its integrity. A complete collection; bathroom ceramics, bathtubs, fittings, and the coordinating LANI furniture series.

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Many shapes and sizes

The ceramic elements, especially the washbasins, are not only available in numerous dimensions, but also in a wide variety of designs and shapes. The WCs are available floor-standing or wall-hung and there are several versions of the bathtub including freestanding, wall mounted and drop-in.

Pure harmony

The slim, simple fittings in a chrome finish, with ECO+ function, blend perfectly into the overall design. Toan Nguyen, the designer of the entire collection, emphasises that all the components of the collection are equally important for the success of the whole collection; each element designed with the same attention, like instruments in an orchestra.

Individual design

The fact that LUA is so versatile, adapting to virtually every style and size of bathroom is also due to the practical furniture collection LANI, available in more than 35 colours, creating plenty of scope for individuality. In addition, LUA and LANI can easily complement many other products across the LAUFEN ranges.

Inspiring architecture

Bathrooms are like architecture in a compact form, and conversely LAUFEN is also inspired by special architecture. So it’s natural that the symbiosis of Casa Albero, a modular tree house from the 1970s and an icon of utopian architecture, and the LUA series have resulted in captivating photography.

About LUA

Design: Toan Nguyen

Sustainability: LAUFEN systematically aligns the entire production cycle with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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