Design & Innovation

Features & Benefits: Furniture

Underscoring its reputation for innovation, LAUFEN continuously creates premium products that bring the highest level of comfort and functionality to the bathroom.

Furniture surfaces

Furniture surfaces in the bathroom are designed to deal with the room’s special climate conditions. LAUFEN provides a range of different surfaces, all optimised for their intended use and come with a guaranteed long useful life.

Real wood veneer
A cosy bathroom in wood. The classy wood veneers provide the haptics and optics of real wood. They are resistant to moisture and equipped with reinforced edges, making them resistant to impacts. These real wood veneers include those used in Lb3 and ILBAGNOALESSI One ‘noce canaletto’.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) surfaces are suitable for heavy use and are exceptionally durable, even with the look and feel of wood. They are easy to care for and clean, they are light-resistant and odourless and not sensitive to alcohol, organic solvents and water. HPL coatings are used by LAUFEN for the Space series.

Painted furniture surfaces
Our classic high-gloss paint finish, using two-component water-resistant paints, offers perfect surfaces with no unevenness and a wide range of colours. LAUFEN painted surfaces include the ILBAGNOALESSI One white furniture and LAUFEN also offers 39 additional special paints (shown on right) for the Case, Base, Space and Laufen Pro furniture ranges.

Film coatings
Film coatings are pulled over corners, thus ensuring the furniture surfaces are joint-free and not sensitive to water. They are scratch, water and light-resistant. Their flexibility offers a great
deal of design freedom in terms of the forms used, such as integrated handles, for example. LAUFEN uses film coatings in its Palomba Collection, Living Square, Laufen Pro and Case ranges.

Storage systems

Tidy storage systems in drawers of the ILBAGNOALESSI One, Boutique and Space for VAL bathroom furniture range ensure tidy storage and prevent the return of chaos every time a drawer is closed fast.

Soft close

Slamming of doors is not inevitable: At LAUFEN, soft close means gently-closing furniture doors and drawers. The system is integrated as standard into all LAUFEN furniture. In this case, quality can be felt and not heard.

3D mounting system

Comfort in every detail: The flexible and adjustable 3D mounting system makes installation LAUFEN furniture on the wall quick and easy.

Space saving siphon

LAUFEN undercounter furniture can optionally be equipped with an innovative space-saving siphon. This dispenses with the need for siphon cut-outs in the drawers, reclaims
valuable storage space and ensures unlimited use of internal space.