MATERIALMESSAGE: LAUFEN presented a special installation at the FuoriSalone 2019 in collaboration with the visionary studio Snarkitecture.

Mar. 26, 2019

LAUFEN presented a special installation at the FuoriSalone in collaboration with the visionary studio Snarkitecture.
The materials of the industrial ceramic production were the ingredients of an exceptional Snarkitecture installation that sets out to narrate the world of LAUFEN in a novel and very direct way.

At the most historic crossroads of Milan, inside the innovative and lively 5Vie (5 streets) district, Teatro Arsenale hosted Laufen in a fascinating space still bearing architectural reminders of its former religious function, as the setting for the installation titled ” MATERIALMESSAGE”. 127 years of history recently celebrated, and a future full of new challenges to be met: the interpretation of the identity of Laufen was this time supplied  by the New York-based firm Snarkitecture, known for its ability to stimulate the senses and the imagination.

The conceptual and experiential itinerary connected two precise points: the origin, represented by the material, and the arrival point –  the finished product. A mountain of clay looms beside the installation. Only water and kaolin formed the basis of the entire creative and productive process of Laufen, simple, humble raw materials. From clay to ceramic, from powdered earth to liquid slip, all the way to the silky polish of SaphirKeramik: the installation “photographed” that various stages of the material, without filters, without alteration, in an essential perspective.

Laufen washbasins, stacked in a precise three-dimensional sequence, conveyed the concept of serial production: the perfection of a product that repeats and repeats, always identical, a performance that is extremely difficult to obtain in large numbers in ceramics, and a result Laufen has worked in innovative ways to achieve. The company’s know-how, experience and continuous technological innovation, through the automation of processes combined with the precious contribution of skilled hands and eyes, generate true excellence.

Broken down, mixed, multiplied, made manifest, in this installation the raw material represented the intrinsic power of every element. In the right hands, that simple clay takes form, mutates, evolves, transforms into a product with unique design and exceptional qualities. Those hands are the hands of LAUFEN.