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As seen on Designboom: LAUFEN exhibits sculptures from 1963 – 1969 ceramics art symposium gmunden

Whilst actively following an experimental approach, LAUFEN has always been supported by their abundance of knowledge in the ceramics industry. driven by passion, high detail and world-renowned swiss quality, the brand has continuously created delicate, beautiful yet innovative products and materials.

Initiated in 1963 by artist kurt ohnsorg – an austrian pioneer of modern ceramics – and under the patronage of conrad H. lester, part owner of the LAUFEN group, the ceramics art symposium gmunden stood as a legendary six week event that, likewise, promoted unique creations made by hand. artists from europe were joined by those from nigeria, india, isreal, argentina, canada and the USA to truly make the occasion a laboratory of international ceramic creativity. bespoke pieces were sculpted, technicians and craftsmen learnt from one another, and the initiative became a folklore from the alps.

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