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Laufen pro

Intelligent design combined with technological finesse. Design by Peter Wirz.

The tub is undergoing a renaissance in the bathroom. This is not surprising in view of the contemporary versions of this classic piece of furniture. Peter Wirz designs a statement in the Laufen Pro series with this central element. Intelligent design combined with technological finesse in the ceramics production process turn his models into a timeless reverence with distinctive lines.

Peter Wirz on Laufen pro

“Purposely developed as an affordable designer product, LAUFEN pro was aimed at optimizing ceramic manufacturing processes… I think we managed it very well. LAUFEN pro is a stylish example of how a unique look can be achieved with simple means. We were inspired primarily by two basic forms, the square and the circle. It allowed us to design even such an extensive bathroom ceramics and furniture series like LAUFEN pro with consistency and maximum recognition value.“

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