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Wallpaper* Design Award

The ’Save’ separation toilet by Laufen, created in collaboration with EOOS and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, wins Wallpaper* Design Awards 2020 for Life-Enhancer of the Year.

Jan. 09, 2020

save! is the pioneering urinediverting toilet produced by Laufen Bathrooms and designed by Austrian design studio EOOS that can reduce wastewater pollution.

Laufen together with EOOS and the EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) developed save!, the first gravity flushed urinediverting toilet to meet the latest industry standards of conventional toilets. The product’s key innovation is that it passively separates urine from solids thanks to a “Urine Trap” invented by EOOS Design, which directs urine towards a concealed outlet using only surface tension. Laufen applied this concept to a new toilet design featuring a ceramic bowl that is optimally shaped to guide the water flow. save! represents a new format for a familiar product that could play a key role in the future of wastewater management.

save! won the coveted Wallpaper* Design Award 2020 for LifeEnhancer of the Year for its high degree of innovation and sustainability.

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