Preview: Elegant all-rounder with timeless form


With LUA, LAUFEN will launch a completely new collection that offers an exceptional combination of functionality and timeless forms - setting new standards in design, durability and price. Once again, LAUFEN demonstrates its significant expertise in terms of design, function and production at an exceptional quality, offering well thought-out solutions for the entire bathroom and opening up a new aesthetic in the design world of Laufen.

The timeless lines of designer Toan Nguyen are realised with the proven Swiss capabilities of LAUFEN enabling an optimal balance of filigree design and efficient manufacturing. The result is a complete series whose universal design fits confidently into all environments - private, commercial, and public. With the striking oval as its basic shape, LUA is stylistically independent yet consistently solution-oriented: The collection already offers a complete range of washbasins, washbasin bowls, several WCs, two high-quality bathtubs and its own range of faucets which will be available at the official launch in 2022. LUA is complemented by the matching LANI furniture series, also designed by Toan Nguyen which can be combined with LAUFEN products or used alone.


The slim LUA washbasins, made of robust sanitary ceramics, will be available in five colours and eight sizes from 450 to 1200 mm wide, so there will always be a size to fit.


The slim pack options are even slimmer in appearance, always in white, always with a matching base cabinet and in three sizes: 600, 800 and 1000 mm.


Unique in this segment are the elegant washbasin bowls in the 500mm format, which are also available in five colours and in two versions with and without overflow.


The furniture series with vanity units and tall cabinets matching LUA is called LANI and was also designed by Toan Nguyen. Its pure design is just as universal as that of the ceramics. The high-quality workmanship of LANI guarantees maximum durability. The furniture is available in six colour shades.


LAUFEN and Toan Nguyen have developed their own comprehensive range of accessories to match the washbasins, initially available in chrome-plated stainless steel and later also in matt black.


Two elegant bathtubs in glossy white, made of the mineral cast material Marbond, complete the LUA bathroom. Unique in this sector, LAUFEN offers an attractive, free-standing version in the comfortable 1700mm format. From December there will also be a back to wall version with an equally filigree look.


The toilets are available in five colours and in a total of five versions, two for wall mounting and three floorstanding. All toilets are rimless and therefore extremely hygienic and easy to clean with a Duroplast toilet seat suitable for all five variants. A wall mounted bidet is also available.