Toan Nguyen knows how to make habitable spaces feel complete. The French designer constructs high-quality objects and appliances that complement the delicate flow of interiors. From furniture, lighting, and ceramics, his pragmatic approach to design makes indoor living more grounded and pure. Now, in his latest cooperation with LAUFEN, Toan Nguyen is reimaging the most intimate interior of them all, the bath environment. In the launch event for LUA at our LAUFEN space Milano, Toan Nguyen explains:

“We all experience the bathroom in a different way. Bathing is a part of our life, and for me LUA represented a challenge, to create a collection that is very simple and extremely complete at the same time.”

In creating LUA, Toan Nguyen looked at how LAUFEN approaches interior design in its totality. As a result, each element in the LUA collection is in perfect tune with the other. Striking an ideal balance of form, function, and sensorial pleasure. Individually, each piece from the collection can also fit into the wider range of LAUFEN’s catalog. Thus, making a unique bath experience for everyone.

“More than ever the quality of the individual space is an absolute priority and the bathroom is probably the most intimate space”.

The LUA collection is centered around a shared appreciation for touch and senses. However, to truly experience the subtle intelligence of Toan Nguyen's designs, we invite you to see and touch each piece in person. Since the launch in April, the LUA collection can now be viewed in its entirety at the LAUFEN space Milano. Walking around the space, one can appreciate how effortlessly each piece flows into the other. Just like the purity and linear nature of water, which inspired Nguyen's designs. Seeing each object up close reveals the consideration and craftsmanship that went into every detail, from the ceramic faucet to the oval washbasins, and makes every object look one-of-a-kind.

Those unable to make the visit to LAUFEN space Milano can view the entire LUA collection juxtaposed with Casa Albero in the latest campaign. The villa is a well-regarded example of brutalist architecture located on the outskirts of Rome.  It was designed by architect Giuseppe Perugini and his wife Uga De Plaisant and their son Raynaldo Perugini at the end of the 1960s. In the campaign, one can see how the brutalist nature of the modular structure and its concrete, glass, and iron materials complement the precision, geometric lines, and oval shapes that make up the LUA collection. It’s truly a sight to behold.

However one chooses to experience the LUA collection, the end result is always a deep appreciation for the long process of research and harmony conducted by Toan Nguyen and LAUFEN. Despite years in the making, the washstands, washbasins, sanitary fixtures, and bathtubs, as well as a line of taps, cabinets, and storage units in neutral colours, emanate an effortless simplicity and ease. That’s because each piece is made with the other in mind and blends perfectly together to elevate and complement any bath experience.

Read more about LUA’s design here.