NM3 X LAUFEN at Alcova


There‘s something in the air during Salone del Mobile. Perhaps it‘s the energy of creatives and onlookers who seamlessly pass from exhibition to dinner to party. Or, the rush of experiencing some of the most forward-thinking designs today.

Whatever it might be, there‘s nothing quite like it. Hence, why it‘s the ideal setting to introduce the new LAUFEN x NM3 collaboration and celebrate good, long-lasting design. Since its conception, LAUFEN has always been at the forefront of innovation in the classical sense. Everything created at LAUFEN is done with meticulous precision and a careful eye for timeless and elevated design. Above all else, LAUFEN is in pursuit of creating objects and spaces that are here to stay. Thus, it was a natural progression to blend the Swiss appreciation for stability and form with the boldness and ingenuity of Italian design for the LAUFEN and NM3 cooperation.

„This interdisciplinary collaboration with a young design trio of two architects Nicolò Ornaghi, Francesco Zorzi, and photographer Delfino Sisto Legnani – is for us at LAUFEN, the incentive to push boundaries and formulate new ideas,“ explains Global Marketing Director, Roger Furrer.

NM3 is a studio rich in the Italian tradition of design. Everything they create, from furniture to products, focuses on raw material and geometric rigor. Like LAUFEN, they share a deep appreciation for the past and future, including the Memphis design movement, which lightly influences their work. Together, for the Salone del Mobile, LAUFEN and NM3 conceived objects that are bent, folded, and screwed from a single variety of stainless steel. The pieces evoke a conversation around livable spaces and what they mean today, particularly bathrooms, and what they will mean tomorrow.

„The bathroom is the most intimate space in our lives. That‘s why we have people from different fields of art, architecture, and design working together to show each other new ways and find surprising products and solutions. Thus, we at LAUFEN also see ourselves as curators for the wet room.“, Furrer elaborates.

The objects will be displayed with Alcova – a beacon for craftsmanship and innovation. Alcova is a platform for designers and companies to investigate the future of living. For the second year in a row, during Salone del Mobile, Alcova brings together thought leaders and institutions to share ground-breaking work on living environments. This year, Alcova will display the designs at Inganni, a former hospital overgrown and overtaken by nature. LAUFEN selected this location because of its proximity to the natural environment and the use of smart, sustainable design.

During the presentation at Inganni, two single, freestanding monoliths of steel will be placed side by side in front of an LED wall. There, a video installation will be projected on the steel objects to create an imaginary dialogue between the images and the mirrored surfaces.

The video installation was conceived by the Berlin based filmmaker Marc Comes. In the video, you are invited to see an interpretation of movement, progression, and symbiosis through clips of water as pieces from the LAUFEN collection are stripped of their usual function and assembled into a fictional architectural space. It‘s a unique merging of the natural world and its counterpart. The entire space will be permeated by sound, which will reverberate through the large steel structures like a tremendous sound system.

We invite you to join LAUFEN and NM3 for this unique installation and conversation around the future of design. The exhibition will take place from June 5-12th at Inganni. We hope to see you there.

For more details please visit https://www.justaddwater.laufen.com/