After 20 years of elevating bathroom designs, we reintroduce new pieces to the classic ILBAGNOALESSI collection. Join us for a special viewing of the bolder and more modern retouch of the timeless collaboration at LAUFEN space Milano.

First launched at Milan Design Week in 2002, ILBAGNOALESSI is the result of a collaboration between the legendary Italian brand Alessi and LAUFEN. Under the creative lead of designer Stefano Giovannoni, the two partners achieved one of the most complete collections ever made at an industrial level, including washbasins, tubs, shower enclosures, furniture, taps, and accessories. ILBAGNOALESSI represented an entirely new approach to the design of the bathroom: a holistic and complete collection of elements that can be freely combined to create exceptional interiors. In the collection, viewers will be surprised to see how technological advancements in bathroom objects and furniture, like the new high-tech mirror, have developed over the years.

Likewise, innovations in the ceramics industry have shaken up the way objects are designed and manufactured. One of these innovations is LAUFEN’s patented SaphirKeramik. This revolutionary, ceramic material reaches its exceptional hardness through a blend with corundum, a colorless mineral, which is a component of sapphires. This gives SaphirKeramik a flexural strength equal to that of steel, lending designers almost infinite freedom to experiment. Applying SaphirKeramik to ILBAGNOALESSI enabled Stefano Giovannoni and LAUFEN to create new, lighter and thinner shapes – all while maintaining the original design language. Following LAUFEN’s ambition to offer complete and harmonious bathroom solutions, ILBAGNOALESSI was also extended with carefully crafted furnishing elements, state-of-the-art bathroom technology, and new colors and finishes.

The first display of the evolution of ILBAGNOALESSI took place at LAUFEN space Milano and was designed by Studio Lys, titled “The Shape of Things.” A sloping stage in the central exhibition area creates a dialogue with spatiality, transforming the visitor's point of view and his relationship with both space and objects.  

A mirrored wall multiplies the space by putting the ceramics in dialogue with each other with the new finished compositions. Soon guests' eyes are directed to where the innovative lighting structure, that frames the furniture, stands out, creating light scenarios in the bathroom.

The collection allows its viewer to enjoy the classics while experiencing the new. The entire suite of objects designed includes carefully crafted furnishing elements, state-of-the-art bathroom technology, and new finishes and colors. We look forward to having you experience the collection and enjoy the collaboration.