LAUFEN Space Milan opened with a new interior design system that allows for constant change: Minimalistic steel racks combined with flexible ceiling mounts enable ever-changing displays and allow us to explore contemporary bathroom culture – such as during our iconic Swiss Breakfasts.

LAUFEN Space Milano is a showroom that fosters conversation around presentation, experimentation, and dialogue. The space introduces a new interior design system that enables constant change and advancement in bathroom interiors. In the new showroom, minimalistic steel racks combined with flexible ceiling mounts encourage visitors to explore the realms of possibility with many different collections and state-of-the-art furniture on display.

A unique quality of the LAUFEN Space Milano is the ability for visitors to mix and match previous and current collections together. Roaming the floor, you’ll come across collaborations that allow LAUFEN to explore contemporary bathroom culture. The space is also home to exhibitions and partnerships that LAUFEN has fostered with the broader design community.

Currently on display is the award-winning installation with Italian design studio NM3. The collaboration was featured at Salone del Mobile 2022 and received a Special Mention Fuorisalone Award at the event.  The partnership is an ongoing dialogue between both studios and signals a general interest in merging classic design with emerging ideas. An investment that LAUFEN sees as a necessary step for advancing bathroom designs. LAUFEN welcomes you to visit the Milano space, view the exhibitions on display, and dream with new and classic collections in the showroom. We hope to see you there.