In the world of contemporary design, the bathroom transcends its mere utilitarian function to become an oasis of both functionality and aesthetic allure. Where the ensemble of bathroom accessories provides the finishing details to any bathroom transformation; towel holders, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, all become the sculptural embodiments of elegance and organization. Select accessories from an array of designs and colour palettes to elevate the bathroom to an artful sanctuary.



Architectural forms with NIARA, a comprehensive collection of accessories with a classic, timeless design, in a colour palette mirroring LAUFEN faucets for a harmonious aesthetic throughout the bathroom.


Angular elegance with the graphic forms of NIARA S, a complete collection of accessories with a classic, timeless design to complement washbasins and bathtubs with more pronounced angles.


With a timeless and classic character, HALI is the quintessence of understated elegance with discreet proportions and subtle decorative details to elevate any bathroom space.


The timeless interplay of contrasting colours transcends the bathroom with Nixie, allowing designers to create striking, contrast-rich spaces or serene, monochromatic environments with accessories in Black and White.


Perfect for the modern nomad, Cana bathroom accessories can be effortlessly uninstalled, allowing you to bring a piece of home with you, no matter where life takes you.


The Home Collection brings Saphirkeramik into other rooms of the house for the first time. The range includes objects and accessories, which resulted from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, and of the ongoing dialogue with the world of art and design that LAUFEN has always supported.

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