The secret to a sound night’s sleep

The crucial element of any hotel bathroom design has to be comfort - visual, aural and above all emotional. Guests want to feel pampered throughout their stay, and while practical elements and aesthetics are unarguably important, perhaps one of the most vital considerations has to be noise, or rather how to reduce it. 
Regardless of how comfortable the bed is, how much wardrobe space there is or how powerful the shower, being able to hear water running, baths filling and toilets flushing in neighbouring rooms , particularly in the middle of the night, is the one thing that will result in an enduring negative impression amongst hotel guests. 
Sound insulation sets, such as those available for use with Laufen’s bathtubs, ceramic washbasins and wall-hung WCs are therefore a crucial element of hotel bathrooms, providing guests with the overall peace and relaxation they are seeking. It perhaps comes as little surprise that a Swiss manufacturer puts such emphasis on the importance of quietness and leads the way with systems and innovations to counteract noise in commercial situations. After all, in Switzerland there are strict rules governing noise, with restrictions placed on the banging of doors and even on DIY and housework between the hours of 9pm and 7am in tenanted buildings. Given the hectic nature of our daily lives, it is recognised that we all need peace and quiet in order to relax and for Laufen this belief extends beyond the home, into the hotel environment too. 


Helping to prevent disturbance from the noise of running water, Laufen’s ceramic washbasins can be fitted with a sound insulation set, made from 6mm thick PE-foam which acts as a sound barrier between the wall and the ceramic, reducing noise by around 6 to 10dB, in comparison to the ‘Weiss-Bett’ installation in accordance with DIN 1386. 

In a similar fashion, Laufen’s wall-mounted WCs and bidets can also be used in conjunction with a noise insulation set. Installed between the wall and the WC or bidet, this reduces sound levels by as much as 75 per cent. 

Coupled with sound insulating pipework hidden behind the wall, such as that from another noise-conscious Swiss manufacturer, Geberit, which reduces the noisy swirls of water being drained and has vibration dampeners in impact zones to further reduce noise, Laufen sanitaryware ensures that neighbouring guests won’t be woken from their slumber by the sound of flushing or running water. 
Laufen also recognises that some of the materials that have become popular in hotel bathrooms due to their increased durability and quality, can have a negative impact noise-wise. The manufacturer’s steel bathtubs and shower trays, for example, produce more noise when water hits them than with acrylic. To counteract this and therefore enable designers to opt for steel for a quality finish, Laufen’s steel bathtubs and shower trays can be integrated with an anti-noise set which offers sound insulation not only in compliance with DIN 4109 and SIA 181, but also certified by the Fraunhofer Institute. 


By experimenting with materials, designers and manufacturers alike are also finding new ways to keep sound levels to a minimum in hotel bathrooms. Laufen’s solid surface bathtubs are a perfect example of this. Offering the last word in comfort for guests as well as being a stunning focal point, due to its material, the freestanding bathtubs of Palomba Collection, Il Bagno Alessi One and Kartell by Laufen have a lower sound transmission than those manufactured in cast iron or acrylic.  

It is through the use of such systems and innovations that hotel designers can rest easy knowing that guests too are getting a good night’s sleep. 
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