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LAUFEN save!, Design Prize Switzerland
News & StoriesDesign Prize Switzerland
LAUFEN save! | Urine-separation toilet awarded the Design Prize Switzerland
bathroom, covid, laufen
News & StoriesThe bathroom evolution during Covid
The home isolation has made us more aware of the spaces we live in and of their limitations too: with more time spent in our homes, we have inevitably felt the urge to make considerable changes and adapt them to our new needs and habits.
null null, nda
News & StoriesDesign exploration for school washrooms
The new exhibit "NULL NULL” New Sanitary Spaces for Schools is now open at the LAUFEN Space Vienna, presenting the results of a program partnership between LAUFEN and the New Design University St. Pölten. As part of the general theme "Living Learning Space" of the Austrian Architecture Days, students have...
LAUFEN virtual space
News & StoriesLAUFEN virtual space
LAUFEN virtual space - a new form to tackle space and product. Where digital meets physical. Featuring products from the colorful Kartell by Laufen collection.
Milano Design Week 2021
News & StoriesMilano Design Week 2021
“Am I open-minded?" an installation created by Matteo Fiorini with Studio LYS.
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PressThe Place to Pee
A cooperation between LAUFEN, Hydrohm, the Ghent University and the City of Ghent.
kartell by laufen
PressThe reinterpretation of Kartell by Laufen: two contrasting and courageous visions
To present the latest new developments of the Kartell by Laufen collection, the two companies have chosen the interpretations of two very different photographers.
Kartell by Laufen
PressKartell by Laufen: the fusion of design languages
Kartell by Laufen: unlimited compositions that play with color and transform the bath environment from a specific architectural space to a fluid, flexible set of furnishings. The squared lines lend themselves to various interpretations, and the products – which combine exceptional design and very high quality of materials – generate...
Interview, Peter Wirz
News & StoriesInterview with Peter Wirz
An interview with Peter Wirz of Vetica and Alain Reymond, Head of Design Management at Laufen.
2021, laufen, surprises
News & Stories2021 – A year of surprises
Challenging times generate opportunities.