Impressões 2015 – Brazil: Exploring the concept of Brazilianness

The Impressões by Laufen project brought together innovations in design as well as function, with the ceramic washbasin becoming a work of art that honoured Brazil and its culture.

Taking the Laufen washbasin as a blank canvas, guest artists were given free rein to create their own aspirational designs.

The project allowed the ten designers and architects to present their interpretations of the theme “Brazil Up Close” as exclusive pieces for Laufen. The end result was nothing short of inspirational.

Great success in 2014, the second edition of Impressions by Laufen seeks to expand the creative vision of renowned professionals from different segments. This time, it brings together big names of architecture, design, fashion, photography and the arts, which will imprint their interpretations of Brazil in washbasins made of SaphirKeramik designed by the German designer Andreas Dimitriadis from platinumdesign.

“Brazil: verse and reverse” presents the particular vision of each invitee, extensively justifying the theme conceptualization, while proposing other perspectives on the country, from its many universes. The theme is not born from the multidisciplinary perspective of those talents only, but essentially from the interpretation that each one makes of the Brazilian culture.

It challenges to think about Brazil as it is seen, versus what is hidden in the diversity, what is not clear but translated to our essence. A single look versus multiple looks. A Brazilian soul and essence versus one or numerous identities.

The round 380 mm SaphirKeramik washbasin from Laufen, a blank canvas, gave a free creative territory for names like Antônio Ferreira Jr. and Mário Celso Bernardes; Arthur Casas; Christian Cravo; Derlon Almeida; Jader Almeida; João Armentano; Marko Brajovic; Patricia Anastassiadis; Ricardo Bello Dias and Ronaldo Fraga which proposed designs for it.

The washbasins of Impressoes by Laufen will not be sold.

In total, five pieces of each will be produced – one is intended for the artist/designer, two for charity institutions selected by each of the participants, and two will be for the Laufen collection and for the exhibitions worldwide.

Since their launch on September 17th at the Bienal Pavillion in São Paulo, the Impressões 2015 have been presented during London Design Festival (24-27 September), Lodz Design Festival (8-18 October) and will continue their journey to our showroom in Miami where they will be presented at events during Design Miami (2-6 December).

View the photos from the Bienal Pavillion, Sao Paulo: [click here]

View the photos from London Design Festival: [click here]

View the photos from Lodz Design Festival: [click here]


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