New product launches at ISH

For Laufen, ISH 2015 was centred around innovations including the precious and intelligent SaphirKeramik material, with its unprecedented design and environmental possibilities. Having launched products in this revolutionary new material in 2013, which have gone on to be produced over the last 2 years on an industrial scale, the next step was to push the design possibilities with acclaimed International designers Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen. 
SaphirKeramik, launched for the first time two years ago at BAU in Munich and subsequently at ISH 2013 in Frankfurt, remains the spearhead for Laufen: exceptional ceramic material, possessing extraordinary hardness and sturdiness, significant flexural strength comparable to that of steel, much thinner than traditional ceramics, and a diamond white colour. This is a high-tech material that has enabled Laufen to begin a new generation of washbasins, with very graphic, minimalist, modern shapes, without abandoning the positive characteristics of ceramics. 

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Developed from the eclectic proposals in 2014, Grcic returns to crafting SaphirKeramik by designing VAL, a new series of washbasins and bathtub. 
Today the VAL collection becomes available on the market in numerous pieces. Complementing the first iconic two washbasins and trays, he has designed a new type of washbasin for the collection with a simpler form, the result of research focused, this time, on the most intimate and familiar perception of the object in itself and its functionality. 

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The Parisian designer on the one hand is carrying forward his experimentation with SaphirKeramik, on the other is creating a bathtub made of Sentec, and closes the circle by designing an amazing line of furniture, the result of the same inspiring principle. Continuing the path of collaboration already begun in 2011 and having won a Red Dot Award, Laufen decided without hesitation to focus on Toan Nguyen and in raising the stakes, entrusting parts of the new proposals for 2015 to him. 

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The already substantial and versatile Kartell by Laufen collection is enriched this year with new faucets and new sizes for the washbasins made of SaphirKeramik, conceived specifically to satisfy the requirements of small spaces and a wall-mounted rimless WC. 

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At ISH, Laufen also presents Boutique, a high level furniture design line, made using prestige materials and finishes. Created to satisfy the most demanding customers and designed to be versatile by being combined with any ceramics produced by Laufen, it is composed of units, open shelves and tall cabinets made entirely of wood, with great care devoted to the definition and construction of the details. 

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Functional and compact design is the essence of the new modular furniture system Space, capable of being configured in numerous combinations.
The collection has a number of different pieces: tall cabinets with mirror, drawer units, washbasintops and shelves trolleys The structure is light and modern with an aluminium frame, covered externally in laminated wood and available in. white matte, light walnut, or dark elm or other 38 colours on request. 

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