LAUFEN presents its new products and projects in Seville


With a backdrop of the Golden Tower, in the Andalucian capital Seville, Alberto Magrans, Senior Managing Director of Laufen; Ilker Hussein, Commercial Director; Piotr Koszek, Business Development Manager; and Ignacio Garcia, Managing Director of Laufen Spain; along with renowned Italian designer and architect Roberto Palomba, presented their latest news to VIP guests.


L-R: Ilker Hussein, Roberto Palomba, Alberto Magrans


Alberto Magrans, Senior Managing Director of Laufen, told the audience of the DNA of the company: Swissness, quality, design and innovation. "We like to act the 'Swiss way' " Magrans said. “Swissness combines precision engineering, design, reliability, service, sustainability” he then went on to add "we always look for talent outside, always working hand in hand with great International designers."

Magrans also reviewed the major milestones of Laufen, of the industrial scale pressure casting and the recent SaphirKeramik material innovation, all created by Laufen and demonstrate their continued commitment to innovation: "We have the best product on the market. We believe that our ceramic is exceptional " said Senior Managing Director of Laufen, referring to the new ceramic material with incredible hardness, extraordinary strength, impact resistance comparable to steel and yet much slimmer than traditional ceramics.



The attendees had the opportunity to learn about new collections made in SaphirKeramik. On the one hand, the Ino collection of French designer Toan Nguyen: a reinterpretation of the classic shape of the sink where Nguyen has failed to exploit the possibilities of the material, creating objects with its simple and delicate but extremely stable walls lines are shown elegant, cozy and almost weightless.

On the other hand, the Val collection, designer Konstantin Grcic: simple architectural lines, extremely thin edges and thin walls, joined surfaces with a fine structure make this unique collection in the world.



Finally, Magrans noted the importance of the support and cooperation of distributors, essential for the success of Laufen, which aims to become a reference partner in the premium projects. Meanwhile, Ilker Hussein, Commercial Director of Laufen, said another of the key areas of the company is its project department, which has a focus on premium international projects, especially in hotel groups.



As Hussein said, "The goal is to draw us to the customer, working together with them to meet their needs." Laufen currently has projects located all over the world; hotels, residential projects and sports stadiums and in all of them, Laufen has demonstrated how working closely with its local partners and by offering customised solutions brings success for the client.

Piotr Koszek, until recently Managing Director of Laufen Spain and current Head of Business Development, stressed the importance to innovate and reinvent themselves every day to provide real solutions, "we customise to realise the dreams of architects and to be able to provide solutions all over the world, " he said, with a focus on sustainable solutions for all types of projects and applications or solutions that save water and energy. The company is committed throughout the organization and business activities to environmental protection and saving natural resources.



Finally, Ignacio Garcia, Managing Director of Laufen Spain, highlighted the good results that the company is having, an increase of 98.9% over the previous year. An excellent path expected to continue over the coming years with a clear objective: "The Laufen brand is the leading segment in Spain within our Group "he said.

He also reminded the audience of the many tools and services that Laufen offers distributors, as well as the different activities in which it participates or organises. From sponsoring cultural events like the Venice Biennale and Art Basel, to meetings with architects, factory tours and training.

Laufen have numerous projects in Spain, both those already completed and those in progress and are the best example that industry professionals are committed to the quality and design of the Swiss firm. Ignacio Garcia highlighted just some of them: "Mindanao House (residential building in Madrid), General Hospital of Catalonia, Intertur Hotel Hawaii Ibiza, San Mamés stadium in Bilbao and Hotel Balcon del Mar Lanzarote . And those which are on their way, such as Centro Canalejas Madrid and projects with hotel chains, key to Laufen Spain and a sector in which we specialize." said the newly appointed Managing Director of Laufen Spain.

Finally, Ignacio Garcia reiterated the importance of "think globally and act locally", and reminded the dealers present that their collaboration is essential to continue to grow as before.

Accompanied the Swiss firm during its presentation in Seville, Italian designer and architect, Roberto Palomba, responsible for Kartell by Laufen and the Palomba Collection by Laufen.



During the meeting they had the opportunity to see the new collections of the company in the hands of one of the most internationally recognized designers: Roberto Palomba Italian designer and architect responsible for Kartell by Laufen and the Palomba Collection by Laufen. Palomba, addressing the audience, said "You are my inspiration, and we design products that have to respond to that inspiration. Our task is to answer the questions that will arise in the market."

SaphirKeramik, the ceramic material developed by Laufen has revolutionized the sector impacted Palomba the first time I saw him, "I thought it was impossible to design a product with something so fine, but I was assured that it was the future, so we started to work on a collection with Kartell nad Laufen " After showing the audience the numerous advantages of the washbasins made in SaphirKeramik, he did not hesitate to affirm that "the best bathroom in the world is 1.20 metres from Kartell by Laufen, both for its quality and technical level. It is perfect."



After attending the presentation for Laufen in Seville, Roberto Palomba went through Madrid to Casa Decor, the most important event in the field of decoration and interior design, where the Swiss firm has collaborated with some of the interior design studies in their concepts for the event.

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