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Ongoing Innovation is part of our DNA. We at LAUFEN create the bathroom solutions for tomorrow.

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Design & InnovationPeter Wirz / Vetica
Design of the human touch: This is the creed of Vetica, the design agency based in Lucerne, Taipeh, Hamburg and Hong Kong.
LAUFEN save! urine-separating toilet, environment, solve one of today’s major environmental problems, nitrate pollution, eutrophication of bodies of water, dead zones, nutrients, fertilizer in agriculture, wastewater management, urine-trap, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, UN water day, Stadtregal, ecovillage
Design & InnovationWhy we should use space toilets on Earth – Update on projects
LAUFEN’s urine-separating toilet save! is an ongoing revolution. Here are some examples of current projects around the globe.
Meda Silent Flush WC, Laufen
Design & InnovationEnjoy the silence: The new MEDA Silent Flush WC
LAUFEN’s new flushing technology minimizes noise for the sake of family and neighbors.
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LAUFEN Home Collection presents a series of objects and small furnishings that are perfect in any home environment.
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Design & InnovationBuilt for sustainability: have a clear environmental conscience with bathroom furniture from LAUFEN
The bathroom is the place where we connect with ourselves at the most quintessential level – this is where we clean our bodies, minds and souls, and where we cultivate our closest relationship with water as an element of nature.
Shower toilet, Riva
Design & InnovationCleanet shower toilet
The Cleanet shower toilets blend seamlessly into any bathroom interior with their timeless ceramic body. This means increased design quality, thanks to the familiar aesthetics, as well as improved quality of living, thanks to intimate washing with pure water.
saphirkeramik, laufen, the new classic
Design & InnovationSaphirKeramik: a revolution in ceramic
SaphirKeramik, patented and available on the market is one of the latest, globally significant innovation from LAUFEN. This revolutionary, ceramic material reaches its exceptional hardness blended with corundum, a colourless mineral, which is a component of sapphires. This gives SaphirKeramik a flexural strength equal to that of steel. Yet it...
Time flies. It turns into history. What remains is knowledge. Experience. And the things we have created. Objects white in white document the essence of the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen; its reference points, beliefs, aspirations, values and milestones, translated from abstract to figurative, from handmade to digital fabrication in Vitreous...