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LAUFEN Home Collection presents a series of objects and small furnishings that are perfect in any home environment.

The bathroom has transformed and has become a fluid and multifunctional environment and the LAUFEN collections interpret the ever-changing living tastes in an eclectic and varied way. Over the years LAUFEN has been an undisputed protagonist in identifying and satisfying new stylistic needs, through the creation of projects with a very high innovative and design content, born from the collaboration with the best international designers.

From the fertile dialogue that the company has woven over the years with the world of art and architecture, unique projects have taken shape both for bespoke creations and in the context of international exhibitions, from the Biennale of Architecture and Art in Venice, to the Milan Design Week, up to Design Miami / Basel.

BABOON ceramic stool is the result of the collaboration between LAUFEN and the Academy of Art and Design HGK in Basel and is inspired by African drums and Ethiopian head supports. 

IKOS ceramic polyhedron stems from the collaboration between LAUFEN and the Brasilea foundation, based in Basel, which promotes cultural exchange between Switzerland and Brazil.

The collaboration with eclectic and visionary artists has allowed LAUFEN to reinterpret its own history and reinvent it through new aesthetic codes. Over the years, LAUFEN has acquired unparalleled knowledge in the processing of ceramic materials, bringing the quality of its products to the highest levels to the point of creating a collection of accessories that go beyond the boundaries of the bathroom and that can fit into any home environment. The HOME COLLECTION is a series of objects that are the result of experimentation on ceramic materials by artists and designers to create small architectures with organic shapes and geometric purity given by the perfection of ceramics.



TRIO, composition of tumblers and small bowls in the ultra-thin ceramic material developed by LAUFEN. 

IKOS, BABOON and LIBRO. The latter is a small sculpture and book holder.

The VAL collection designed by Konstantin Grcic for LAUFEN also features two trays, one rectangular and one round, characterized by very thin profiles and a textured internal surface.