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LAUFEN set to make waves at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK

The close collaboration between LAUFEN and the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK continues this year with some exciting events.

An invite-only panel discussion about the transformational role of social design, an impressive installation at the festival headquarters and an interactive exhibition of the new LUA bathroom collection at the LAUFEN space Wien all underline the diversity that can be experienced when you take a closer look at design.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Austria’s largest design festival and is taking place this year from Friday 16 to Sunday 25 September. Since 2007, the festival has been a significant part of the Viennese design scene. It looks at how design can provide social and ecologically sustainable solutions by providing a platform for projects from the fields of product, graphic and industrial design as well as architecture, skilled trades and social design.

“For many years, LAUFEN has been a partner of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, supporting its endeavours and actively encouraging continual dialogue and exchange outside of the festival via events at the LAUFEN space Wien as well as with diverse initiatives and research projects. We also enable synergies when it comes to developing innovative and sustainable approaches.” 

Christian Schäfer, Managing Director, LAUFEN Austria AG 

PANEL DISCUSSION on 19 September at the LAUFEN space Wien

As part of this year’s VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, an invite-only panel discussion entitled ‘Social Design – Transforming Society?’ will take place on 19 September at the LAUFEN space Wien. Various design players from the worlds of academia and industry will discuss strategies and transformation processes in the field of social design.  

Jan Boelen, artistic director of the interdisciplinary Atelier LUMA (a project run by the LUMA Foundation based in Arles, France), will hold a keynote speech entitled ‘Atelier LUMA – Design and Research as a Tool for Transition’. The experimental research atelier develops possible scenarios to transform current consumer behaviour and existing production practices. Jan Boelen curates exhibitions in the areas of design, architecture and contemporary art.

When art and research, design and everyday life converge, what potential does this offer? Can social design strategies initiate transformation processes geared towards a fair, climate-friendly society and a circular economy? How do transdisciplinary innovation networks contribute and how can they be leveraged to boost innovation?

These and other questions will be addressed after the keynote speech by Gabriel Roland (Director of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK), Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör (Director of Creativity & Business at the Vienna Business Agency), Harald Gründl (Partner at the design studio EOOS NEXT) and Brigitte Felderer (Head of Social Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna). The panel discussion will be moderated by Volker Dienst (architektur in progress).

VDW festival headquarters in the GEWÖLBE

LAUFEN’s considerable involvement in the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2022 can also be seen at the festival headquarters on Rahlgasse in Vienna’s 6th district. For the duration of the festival, LAUFEN and the Italian design studio NM3 are presenting an impressive installation entitled ‘Just Add Water’. The two companies are currently collaborating on the development of puristic, stainless steel design objects.

The projection on a large LED wall shows the objects broken down into their individual components, stripped of their usual function and assembled into a fictitious architectural space. The significance of water and the industrial context of production are also depicted in the moving images. The room features two monoliths made of highly polished, Scotch-Brite-brushed steel, which reflect the projections and allow the images to enter into an imaginary dialogue. A powerful sound system in the room gives the installation an auditive dimension.

LUA bathroom collection at the LAUFEN space Wien, from 19 September

In the context of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, the new complete bathroom collection LUA will be introduced at the LAUFEN space Wien. The design line, inspired by our everyday relationship with the bathroom as a living space, will be presented with a brand-new exhibition concept. 

The space was designed by the renowned architecture practice SNØHETTA. The products are intended to be interactive and visitors are encouraged to take on an active role in the exhibition.

Through this revolutionary concept, visitors can play around with the multitude of products available, combine them any way they please, try them out, consider how they look and change them around again. The exhibition is made up of an archive of LAUFEN products and moveable ‘racks’ on which the individual elements can be arranged and combined. 

Fast Facts: 

Keynote speech and panel discussion
Monday 19 September 2022
LAUFEN space Wien
Salzgries 21, 1010 Wien
Doors open: 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm start 
Guest registration via email to:

Friday 16–Sunday 25 September 2022
VIENNA DESIGN WEEK festival headquarters in the GEWÖLBE
Rahlgasse 8, 1060 Wien
Tuesday–Sunday 11:00 am–8:00 pm   

Press day: 
Thursday 15 September 2022
Nicolò Ornaghi from Studio NM3 will be available to answer questions and hold interviews from 12:30 pm 

LUA bathroom collection at the LAUFEN space Wien
Salzgries 21, 1010 Wien
Tuesday–Friday 12:00 pm–6:00 pm 

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