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Protective shield keeps out viruses and bacteria

Highly effective surface treatment LAUFEN Clean Coat Active (LCCActive)

Protection from bacteria and viruses is an urgent issue not only in hospitals and nursing homes: 100% hygiene is desired in private bathrooms too. LAUFEN Clean Coat Active (LCCActive) makes ceramic objects in the bathroom cleaner and safer.

The LCCActive surface finish developed by LAUFEN kills bacteria and viruses permanently and reliably. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by independent testing institutes in accordance with the strict requirements of ISO 21702:2019 and ISO 22196:2011.

“This means a big plus in hygiene and safety for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and, of course, private bathrooms that emphasize the highest level of hygiene”, says Alfred Mittermair, Director of Research and Innovations at LAUFEN.

Twice as smooth as conventional coatings

In a technologically advanced process, LCCActive is applied and baked onto the ceramic object. With a surface roughness of about 0.01 µm, this innovative finish is almost twice as smooth as conventional coatings. Even the tiniest pores of the ceramic glaze are perfectly sealed by the bonded material.

Conventional cleaning agents normally used in bathrooms work more effectively on the virtually pore-free surface. LCCActive ensures a hygienic environment that is easy to clean. 

Big advantages for the public sector

Objects with LCCActive surfaces are recommended for the public sector, e.g. highly frequented sanitary facilities in airports, hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and hotels. Especially in those places, all surfaces must be hygienic and clean, with costs for cleaning and maintenance kept as low as possible.