Architectural projects

RI HOUSE, Barcelona, Spain

Francesc Rifé, interior and industrial designer, has founded his own studio in Barcelona in 1994. Over the course of three decades, he has designed more than hundred pieces of furniture and a thousand spaces.

RI HOUSE, this new boutique located in Barcelona, was created as an extension of his studio, with modern art gallery concepts and a delightful selection of products integrated in a homely atmosphere. A new space arranged on a ground floor and a lower floor with timeless pieces created for renowned national and international brands along with the RI Collection.

Our washbasins from the Laufen Pro series have been specifically selected to match the sober surroundings thus displaying a classic design that blends discreetly into this space and sets timeless benchmarks.

Location:                      Barcelona, Spain

Owner/Designer:       Francesc Rifé

Project type:               Boutique / shop

pictures are property of Francesc Rifé