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Is there such a thing as a bathroom that is too small? Never! It's like the weather: that's only bad with the wrong clothing.

For the bathroom, this means it all comes down to the right design and fittings. Make the small floor plan seem bigger: beautiful to look at, suitable for everyday use and relaxing for mind and body.

Ultimately, it’s a question of balance. It’s about bringing surface area, space and objects into a harmonious relationship that focuses on people and their needs.

Guest bathroom
In the guest bathroom or guest WC with an area of 2 to 2.5 square metres, there is often only space for the WC and a small washbasin with vanity unit or side cabinet.

Mini bathroom
About one fifth of all bathrooms in Europe have less than 6 square metres of space. Well planned, there is still enough space in the mini-bath for a shower area, washbasin, bathroom furniture and WC.

Midi bathroom
Most bathrooms are about 6 to 9 square metres in size. From this size upwards, the midi bathroom can be planned with a separate bathtub and shower or an XXL shower, furniture, two washbasins as well as a WC and bidet.

Particularly for small bathrooms, it makes sense to consult an experienced tradesperson, interior designer or bathroom planner for more extensive renovation measures. Mistakes in planning can be difficult to rectify in small bathrooms and waste valuable space.

Wholesale and design exhibitions are a good place to start for inspiration with experienced advisors often available to help you with additional information.


  • Compact WC
  • Wall hung WC
  • Washbasins made of thin-walled ceramics
  • Semi-dry shelves
  • Washbasin bases
  • Asymmetrical or sliceable washbasins