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From trash to tray

LAUFEN’s new Marbond shower trays contain recycled PET resin

Following LAUFEN’s long-term sustainability strategy, another step towards a circular economy is now ready for the market. A meaningful development based on recycled PET bottles.

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The smart choice of circulating recycled materials is one of the most promising efforts for manufacturers on their path to greater sustainability. Therefore, it was a logical step for LAUFEN to look for a substitute for conventional resins in the production of Marbond mineral cast products.

The result: The resin made out of 100 recycled PET bottles can entirely replace the conventional resin needed for an average sized shower tray.

New composite with 20% less carbon footprint

LAUFEN’s approach is rewarding because, on the one hand, existing materials, such as PET beverage bottles in this case, can be kept in circulation for much longer. Even more so in the case of durable products bathroom products, which are often used for over a decade.

And, on the other hand, conventional resin is needed for the production of Marbond products anymore, which reduces the CO2 footprint of those products by more than 20%.

Product benefits remain unchanged

All products made from our “new Marbond” retain their superior qualities: The material is durable and stable, repairable and easy to clean. Its fine surface structure is noice-reducing, anti-slip and has a pleasant and warm touch. In addition, the material is ideal for bespoke solutions and customisation thanks to a flexible molding technique.

As a leading manufacturer of bathroom products, as an employer and partner, LAUFEN is able to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. We are determined to do so.


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