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As a leading manufacturer of bathroom products, as an employer and partner, LAUFEN is able to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. We are determined to do so.

This ambition demands conscious decisions at every step of the way: from the design decisions and choice of materials, the complex factory processes and the distribution of our products through to the relationship with our suppliers and the opportunities we offer our employees.

Therefore, LAUFEN ’s sustainability strategy is to focus on innovations that will enable the company to transition efficiently to a circular economy, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and setting the course for inclusive growth and long- term success.

To maximise its impact, LAUFEN joins forces with its parent company, the Roca Group, contributing to the Group’s sustainability committee and working collaboratively across all areas of the organisation.


As part of the emissions-intensive construction industry, LAUFEN has a responsibility to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. LAUFEN is determined to do so. This undertaking requires commitment at every step: from design decisions and material selection, complex factory processes and product distribution, to relationships with suppliers and employee engagement.

Built for sustainability: have a clear environmental conscience with bathroom furniture from LAUFEN

The bathroom is the place where we connect with ourselves at the most quintessential level – this is where we clean our bodies, minds and souls, and where we cultivate our closest relationship with water as an element of nature.

New Nordic collaboration ensures recycling of WC plastic cisterns

Annually, roughly 250,000 floor-standing toilets are replaced in Denmark with many toilet cisterns containing plastic. A new and unique collaboration between bathroom manufacturer LAUFEN and the Nordic region's largest recycling company Stena Recycling aims to ensure that approximately 87% of the materials from the collected plastic cisterns in Denmark can be recycled with an ambition for the Danish initiative to pave the way for a global roll-out.


As a leading manufacturer of bathroom products, Laufen is conscious of its responsibility towards society and the environment. That is why the Swiss bathroom brand, together with the Roca Group, has joined the United Nations Global Compact, a worldwide pact between companies and the UN that aims to build stronger corporate sustainability practices for a sustainable and inclusive future.


The new exhibit "NULL NULL” New Sanitary Spaces for Schools is now open at the LAUFEN Space Vienna, presenting the results of a program partnership between LAUFEN and the New Design University St. Pölten. As part of the general theme "Living Learning Space" of the Austrian Architecture Days, students have taken a holistic view of the washroom areas in educational environments examining their practical and social dynamic, and developed their research into innovative concepts embracing inclusion and design.


The LAUFEN save! toilet, designed by EOOS, has been given a Life Enhancer of the Year 2020 award by Wallpaper* magazine. Featuring a surprisingly low tech solution to capture toxins, which treatment plants cannot prevent from reaching our rivers and seas, it could dramatically improve the sanitation industry’s environmental performance. Better still, it looks good and has already been certified for use across Europe.


Laufen’s Advanced Control concept improves hygiene, reduces response times, enhances services, decreases water and energy consumption, thus saving costs. Starting from summer 2019, a cloud solution that networks smart washrooms and transfers data to building management systems will also be available.


A cooperation between LAUFEN, Hydrohm, the Ghent University and the City of Ghent.

The Swiss bathroom manufacturer LAUFEN is participating with its urine-separating toilet save! in a showcase project to research a new treatment process for urine. The project is led by the Belgian company Hydrohm in cooperation with the Ghent University, the City of Ghent and LAUFEN.