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Combining design with easy assembly

The new INEO installation system puts LAUFEN’s premium quality and convenience behind the wall too.

Manufactured in Germany

With INEO, a proven, already established installation system made in Germany, is launched under the LAUFEN brand umbrella. INEO is available in two versions:

: In-wall installation, linking the visible products with the invisible parts

: Dry-wall installation system, providing a solid frame structure

INEO can be used for almost any construction situation in drywall, wet and solid construction. The components reflect decades of experience in bathroom planning and product development. 

Flexibility in new construction and renovation

The system offers clever solutions for fast and uncomplicated installation for new construction or refurbishment. Complex room designs pose no problems with half-height walls, room dividers, storage niches and steeply pitched roofs.

Intelligent pre-assembled components

Prefabricated parts direct from the factory simplify scheduling and installation while saving time and money. All interfaces to the building services can be managed easily with components that are perfectly matched to each other.

Provided from a single source: complete range behind the wall

INEO includes elements for toilets at different heights, urinals, washbasins and special elements for barrier-free bathrooms, shower toilets or corner installations.

LAUFEN thus offers all bathroom components from a single source. Behind the wall, the INEO installation system, and in front of the wall, the ceramic objects collections, faucets, flushing plates, furniture and accessories are all in perfect harmony, technically and aesthetically.