Architectural projects

Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Arena Copenhagen functions as a state of the art and flexible venue offering spectators a unique world class experience.

Central to the design is a unique podium acting as a link to the adjoining neighbourhood. This feature is designed to effectively absorb the movement of spectators through a variety of small plazas, pockets and gathering areas which have been carved from the podium’s perimeter. It simultaneously encourages the community to embrace the variety of public spaces, staircase and adjacencies which promote activity and liveliness when the building is not in use.

“Dancing Façade”: the wave-like semi-transparent facade that seemingly ‘dances’ above the surrounding podium allows people on the outside to enjoy glimpses of the activities within. The wave-like movements lift up slightly above the natural entry points of the Arena making way-finding easy and logical. The fins constituting the facade add warmth and texture to the building; giving the Arena a light and elegant expression.

The Royal Arena has a capacity between 12,500 and 15,000 depending on the type of activities being carried through.

Architects                                         3XN

Opening                                            2017

Location                                           Copenhagen, Denmark

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