Architectural projects

The Arcimboldo Theatre in Milan transformed with the contribution of LAUFEN

LAUFEN maintains its commitment to the arts with “A Crowd Bath”, a visionary project curated by architect Giulia Pellegrino for Milan's Arcimboldi Theatre. After the success of 'No Entry' in 2021, the renovation of this historic theatre continues with a new initiative. Giulia Pellegrino is once again at the forefront of the redesign of the theatre, with a particular focus on the grand foyer and the renovation of the bathrooms, made possible with the support of LAUFEN.

The Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan has embarked on a major renovation project with the strong support of the City of Milan, especially the design and architecture community. Architects Giulia Pellegrino and Maurizio Di Mauro conceived this grand project, which led to the birth of “A Crowd Bath”. This unprecedented initiative beautifully weaves together the worlds of theatre and design. It shares a common purpose: to bring art and culture closer to the audience by providing personalised comfort to ensure a complete theatrical experience.

The creative minds behind the realisation of “A Crowd Bath” belong to the collective INVƎRSO, initiated by Maurizio Di Mauro, together with Elena Reggiani and Paolo Tegoni. They took up the challenge of giving these spaces a fresh and innovative character, adding a social dimension to the project.

LAUFEN is a major supporter of this remarkable renovation project. Its contribution includes the complete refurbishment of six bathrooms on the ground floor and in the basement. The design concept for the bathrooms varies between the foyer and the basement, with a focus on colour for the foyer and black and white for the basement.

LAUFEN supplied a range of products including washbasins, mirrors, toilets, faucets and accessories. These products meet the needs of women, men and people with disabilities. Notable collections featured in the Arcimboldi Theatre bathrooms are VAL, designed by Konstantin Grcic, and LUA, designed by Toan Nguyen. VAL features clean geometric shapes and innovative Saphirkeramik washbasins. LUA is versatile and complete, offering ergonomic seat toilets and minimalist faucets with added comfort. The special Eco+ cartridge promotes energy saving and reflects LAUFEN’s commitment to sustainability.

The project’s concept redefines the idea of a “crowd” as a collection of individuals with different emotions and experiences. Bathrooms are transformed from anonymous spaces into vibrant representations of life, filled with colours that serve as metaphors for emotions. The bathrooms feature inscriptions that evoke universal concepts such as “other”, “stranger” and “different”, celebrating the diversity of life and people.

For over a century, LAUFEN has been committed to continuous research and innovation, while embracing various art forms. Its cultural commitment extends to the world of theatre through spaces in Milan and other cities. LAUFEN’s contributions serve to strengthen the international cultural dialogue, further consolidating its presence as a cultural advocate.