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HIX London: Enter a new era of connectivity with LAUFEN

Experience the ultimate LAUFEN bathroom with a range of tactile, visual and olfactory sensations. As the leading brand in the premium bathroom segment, LAUFEN provides the expertise to explore connectivity through emotionally intelligent, human centric designs which seek to enhance and astound hotel guests.

The smart shower system

Create spa-like guest experiences with the new shower system from LAUFEN, presented as a prototype at HIX 2023, in co-operation with the designer Andreas Dimitriadis, Platinum Design. The focus here is not on technology, but on the human being and their showering experience, where guests can refresh in the rainforest or under a waterfall, wake up to the sound of the sea or enjoy the warmth of a candlelit hammam, all in the comfort of their own hotel bathroom.

The heart of the system is the 12-inch display screen. It uses advanced touchscreen technology similar to that of a smart phone – the first time this has ever been integrated in a shower, while developers are planning an option for hotel operators that would allow them to display information on the screen.

The smart bathtub

Enhancing the guest experience with an adaptation of the Val freestanding oval bathtub by German designer Konstantin Grcic which, equipped with an LED panel, reproduces light and colour experiences to improve general wellbeing.

LAUFEN’s new bathtub is inspired by the soothing and energizing power of light and colour which have been used since ancient times to improve our mental and physical wellbeing.

The innovation of the translucent VAL bathtub lies in the possibility of choosing between 9 different settings including desert, the ocean and forest. These can be selected using the high-end remote control, which also allows the intensity of the light to be modulated and the colour to be changed.

LAUFEN Smart Bathroom installation @ HIX in London
LAUFEN Smart Shower and translucent bathtub
LAUFEN Smart Shower
LAUFEN translucent bathtub

Introducing MEDA

Presented for the first time in the UK, as part of a series of solutions for hospitality washrooms, the new MEDA collection. The complete bathroom collection created for LAUFEN by the Swiss designer Peter Wirz of Studio Vetica alternates clean and rigorous lines with soft shapes for a timeless design that stands out in a private residential property as well as in the premium hotel and hospitality sectors.

The MEDA wall-mounted WC is the first model to be launched with the Silent Flush technology, which will also be integrated onto toilets of other collections. The innovative flush technology directs the water through the interior basin powerfully yet extremely quietly, ensuring that the basin is thoroughly cleaned. It also reduces water consumption and improves hygiene in the bathroom.

The precise channelling of the water produces less airborne noise, as well as less structure-borne noise, which means that the flush is virtually silent and also complies with strict sound insulation standards.

The complete collection of ceramics, bathtub, faucets and furniture will be launched in the UK and Ireland in January 2024.

The smart bathroom

Connectivity also happens behind the wall. Intelligent water management and connectivity is what the new digital Laufen Smart System is all about. Laufen Smart bundles intelligent IoT technology (IoT = Internet of Things) with basin taps, external and integrated urinal controls, shower controls, shower toilets and the intuitive sanitary app Smart Control. It simplifies and improves the management of public and semi-public sanitary spaces, providing more comfort and hygiene, faster response times, better service, less water and energy consumption, and less staffing. The innovative, cloud-based system is also scalable and therefore future-proof.


16-17 November 2023
Stand 6
Business Design Centre, N1, London, UK