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Enjoy the silence: The new MEDA Silent Flush WC

LAUFEN’s new flushing technology minimizes noise for the sake of family and neighbors.

With the wall-mounted toilet of the new MEDA collection, LAUFEN introduces the Silent Flush technology.

Acoustic restraint the Swiss way

Admittedly, the sound of flushing may not be one of the most important decision criteria. However, after design, comfort, hygiene and durability, it is indicative of the quality of the toilet.

LAUFEN, the Swiss manufacturer of premium bathrooms, has devised a way to significantly reduce flushing noise, ensuring even more discretion and quiet nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Ultra-quiet, hygienic, water-saving

The innovative technology flushes the water powerfully yet quietly in a spiral through the toilet bowl. Water consumption is reduced and bathroom hygiene improved. The dynamic water vortex flushes the toilet perfectly clean with as little water as possible.

Functional perfection in design

To create the necessary swirl of water, the interior of the rimless toilet is specially shaped to direct the water along a perfectly optimized spiral path. The use of Silent Flush does not change anything about the familiar design of the toilet on the outside.