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The lightness and the urban style of our SONAR collection fits perfectly into the newest residential project in the heart of Zagreb.

Saphirkeramik and glass sculpture – our cooperation with mudd architects for Venice 2023 art-exhibition

MuDD Architects is known for projects that combine innovative cutting-edge technology with natural materials. LAUFEN manufactured the elements in Saphirkeramik for a mixed-media sculpture to be exhibited at Venice's prestigious Palazzo Bembo during the 2023 Biennale from 20 May 2023 until 26 November 2023.

Boutique Hotel Volkhaus - Successful Mixture

As one of the world’s leading bathroom fitters, we at LAUFEN, named for our home city of Laufen in the Basel region, are known for high-quality complete bathrooms and faucets for both, bathroom and kitchen. In addition to private homes and public facilities, we have proven our expertise in the hospitality sector, too.

Why we should use space toilets on Earth – Update on projects

LAUFEN’s urine-separating toilet save! is an ongoing revolution. Together with the Viennese design team EOOS, LAUFEN has developed the world’s first urine-separating toilet that meets industry standards in the developed world. This innovative toilet is gradually coming into our everyday lives.


Water management in public buildings must be simple, smart and efficient - delivering comfort and saving time, costs, water and energy. LAUFEN Smart is the most advanced, cloud-based smart bathroom solution that digitises and simplifies water management in public buildings by networking washbasin faucets, urinals and shower controls with the intuitive LAUFEN SmartControl app - or integrates them into the building management via Gateway and a smart cloud.

The evolution of an icon

The iconic ILBAGNOALESSI collection returns in a completely renewed look, the result of the evolution of materials and continuous technological research. Since its debut 20 years ago, ILBAGNOALESSI has represented a completely new approach to the design of the bathroom space, made possible thanks to the interaction of two companies, both examples of excellence in their respective fields, in a complementary investigation of new linguistic codes connected with a more profound imaginary, closer to the desires of today’s consumers.


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