Architectural projects

Casa de Indias by Intur, Seville, Spain

The boutique hotel Casa de Indias by Intur – from its very name paying homage to the General Archive of the Indies – is one of the most emblematic buildings of Seville.

It was first constructed in 1521 being a convent and throughout its history it has had other uses, such as the headquarters of a warehouse and already in the 20th century a residential building reserved for the wealthy classes.

The hotel has 61 rooms, many of which retain some of the original features like visible brick walls of the old convent and intricately joined wooden ceilings of the late 19th century. The patios, the main staircase and the façade have also been meticulously cared for in its restoration.

All the facilities and rooms of Casa de Indias by Intur have been decorated with an unmistakable touch of Seville hence transmitting the magic of the south and regional charm.

Its bathrooms exquisitely equipped with our freestanding bathtubs Val and toilets and bidets Laufen Pro integrate perfectly into the eclectic style of this property’s interior design.

The hotel also has a rooftop terrace of over 250 square metres with views of the square and the exclusive Metropol Parasol wooden structure known as “The Mushrooms of Seville”.

Interior Designers:       Las 2Mercedes

Architects:                      Architecture Studio OA110

Location:                         Seville, Spain

Opening:                          2019

LAUFEN products:       Freestanding bathtub VAL and wallhung toilet and bidets Laufen Pro.