Architectural projects

Gasometer, Vienna, Austria

The tanks for the gas supply of Vienna were originally housed in the four historical Gasometers. After the closure of these Gasometers the interior elements were dismantled, leaving the classical facades.

Architects Coop Himmelb(l)au added three new volumes to the existing structure of Gasometer B: the cylinder inside the Gasometer, the architecturally remarkable shield outside, and the multifunctional event hall.

Interiors nowadays function as apartments and offices. 360 apartments offer various living forms, ranging from 3-room-maisonette-apartments and loft-apartments to smaller ones like student apartments. The newly added 22-storey building looking like a shield houses the concert hall, a student hostel, apartments and a shopping mall. Apartments are equipped with LAUFEN pro washbasins and toilets, the public facilities with indova washbasins and caprino plus urinals.

By adjoining the shield postmodern structural accents were added to the Gasometers and the usable living space was extended.

Architects                             Coop Himmelb(l)au

Reopening                            2001

Location                                Vienna, Austria

LAUFEN products              LAUFEN pro washbasins and toilets; indova washbasins; caprino plus urinals